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The structure of the beamstop: 5x5 mm film of Si: 250 μm 3x3 mm film of Si over the previous one: 300 μm 0.5 mm circle piece of Ta: 500 μm In case of 8 keV photon energy the corresponding scaling factors have to be applied to each film: 36.26 74.38 (2696.87 for stack) The example of Siemens Star diffraction pattern in log- scale with a semitransparent beamstop: image2017-8-29_13-43-51.png After the setup of the beamstop during the experiment a test image should be taken.…
On Thurday June 20th of 2019 at ~08.09am a power glitch affected several components of the P10 beamline. These were: Frontend & Optics Hutch: All valves of the vauum interlock closed (easily reopened via vil web page). All vacuum pumps and pressures were fine. The monohromator Bragg axis lost power (i.e. it lost its position and fell into its brake) and the pmac showed a line fault. The encoder system was not effected,…

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