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There are two fluorescent screens, namely LMO2 AND LM03. These screens are used to see the beam and for the alignment of monochromator. LM02 is located in between the first and second crystal of the LOM and LM03 is located just after the HOM.

Possible problem: when the monitor window is not opening after clicking the "MCS peluminance monitors" - link and a download/open with-dialog appears: select the 'open with' option from the dialog and select 'javaws'. If 'javaws' ist not listed, click on 'other program' and navigate to /usr/bin and select 'javaws' from the file list. 

The settings of the cameras (Kamera Einstellungen) are: 

Table 1

Exposure16 00016 000500 000500 000

Step 1:

Open Mozilla Firefox Window and go to the bookmarks. Open "acop" 

Otherwise use this link:

Step 2: 

Go to "MCS peluminance monitors", see figure .1

Figure 1

Step 3:

Click on PU03

Figure 2

Click on PU03 LM2. see figure 3

Figure 3

Step 4:

Right click on the window and select  preferences, see figure 4

 Figure 4

Step 5:

Click Analysis- change no analysis to local analysis, see figure 5

 Figure 5

Step 6:

Go to Video properties - change ‘color map’ in to ‘JET’, see figure 6

 Figure 6

Step 7:

Do the same Steps 1-6 for PU03 LM3, two windows will appear in the desktop for fluorescent screens, see figure 7

Figure 7

Beam positions (ROI):

Start X:280360
Start Y:340350

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