NRS instrumentation and experimental handling

NRS Iron High Resolution Mono

Possible Improvements to overcome different problems (feel free to add more)

(Okt 2017 Frank-Uwe)

AuthorProblemSuggested solutionSolution

After months of not in use all piezo motors run to the very end

a) disable piezo motors

In the manual of Nanos (Nanos_Doku_02b.pdf page7)  a disabling of the motor driver is mentioned. I will ask Pontus, if that is integrated.

Does not help - if there is a current off or a restart of the tango device server, the ParkingActive is off as well as the PIDActive. P11 has similar problems.

b) add limit switches and stop the piezo current via a relay

2F.-U.DillConnection (epoxy clue) between piezo ceramic bar and metal interface is broken due to overload (i.e. see item 1 above)replace existing interface by a more robust one (is already done for th_1064). Can only be verified in disassembled status.05.03.18 All piezo bars are equipped with the more robust connection.
3F.-U.DillFake homing is possibleno idea
4F.-U.Dilllimited range of theta motions due to worse encoder signalslever arm segment of a circle might be either not correctly fabricated or not centric to the flexure. Can only be verified in disassembled status.
5F.-U.DillCrystal holders do not "fix" the crystals to a defined positionnew crystal holders

Feb 2018 New Crystal holder for all 4 crystals.

Prealignement at QS department. Results see below

6F.-U.Dillwashers have to be added at the backside of the round adapterplates before mounting the setups into the PMMA housingsone ring with holes for the M6 screws
Non equal distance steps of the HRM KOHZU stages, long term winter shutdown
Feb2018. Problem is solved by release of 2 bottom screws fixed the motor at the Kohzu stage. See figure below (hrm_encoders2.pdf)

Homing after improvements - see list above
05.03.2018 Frank-UweGap before homingGap after homingHoming Command
th_400 (piezo/eh1.01)1,0mm1,25mmMoveHome

0,6mm (+800.000)1,25mmMoveHome

1,8mm (-700.000)1,25mmMoveHomePositive

1,95mm (-850.000)1,25mmMoveHomePositive
tilt_400 (piezo/eh1.02)not measured3,0mmMoveHomePositive

2,75mm (-400.000)

runs very fast to 0, but continues

then to move

in negatvie direction. stopped by -100.000

with new homeposition 0. Gap now 2,6mm


1,15mm (-1.400.00)

same problem / jumps immediately to 0, but

this time it stays there.


1,2mm after MoveHomePossee row above

3,2mm (+2.000.000)

homing did not act properly - go tot jive, right mouse click

and restart device


3,2mm seems to be thecorrect home position

th_1064 (piezo/eh1.03)

tilt_1064 (piezo/eh1.04)2,95mm


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