2D Detector based on a single Medipix3 chip (256x256 Pixel)
It is custom made by FS-DS group with a minimal form factor around the chip.

Saturation: 11.800 counts/pixel/second

How to (re)start the LAMBDA detector:

  1. Open a terminal and ssh to haspp01lambda as p01user.
  2. Run the shell command "startlambda.sh", which will start the Tango server.
  3. Open the LAMBDA ATK panel using jive with tango host haspp01oh1:10000: Lambda/PETRA-3/Lambda/
    • OperatingMode: TwentyFourBit
    • EnergyThreshold: about 50% of your elastic energy
    • SaveAllImages: Checked
    • SaveFilePath: same as expconf of spock
  4. Make sure /home/p01user/sardanaMacros/general_features.py file is adjusted accoring to the file path
  5. In spock, add lmbd to the measurement group mg_xrs_lambda (use "expconf").
  6. Run scan that save lmbd data using ixs_ascan


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