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This is the home page for your team space within Confluence. Team spaces are great for sharing knowledge and collaborating on projects, processes and procedures within your team.

Next, you might want to:

  • Customise the home page - Click "Edit" to start editing your home page
  • Create additional pages - Click "Create" to choose a blank page or template
  • Write a blog post - Click "Create" and select "Blog Post" to share news
  • Manage permissions - Click "Space Tools" and select "Permissions" in the sidebar to manage what team members see

The P01 confluence pages are also serving as a user guide for performing experiments at the P01 beamline

Users are invited to refer to the pages 'General beamline setup and control', 'IXS setup and control' and 'NRS setup and control' for help.

These sections are currently under construction and we advice to still refer to the P01 wiki pages

P01 wiki

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