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How to setup an entry in Jive for any Tango Device, in my example a VmExecutor

Step-by-step guide

  1. open Jive
  2. got to "Edit" → "create server"
  3.  enter Servername / Instance -  the Servername / Instance combination is what you also see in Astor - in my Example VmExecutor/Mag02
  4.  most of the tangoservers only have one class, which is the same as the Servername, in my Example VmExecutor
  5. below Devices one has to enter the full device string. It is possible to enter more than one Device
  6. it should look now like this
  7. click "Register server"
  8. open the Astor Control Panel on the Tango Host or the host where you want to run the Tango Server
  9. click "Start New"
  10. search for your Servername / Instance combination you just created in jive and double-click on it
  11. now choose whether you want the server to be controlled by astor. Consider that only if astor controls the server it is autostarted on tango startup. Select a startup Level and click "OK"

you now added a Tango Database entry for a Tango server. Usually a Tango Server also needs some properties to run. One can find information about those properties in the documentation of the Tango Server. The VmExecutor for example needs the property "VmCode". One can add properties by clicking "New property".