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Fujitsu Workstations with bios Version >1.21  (2020 Release) will not boot if a non modified SIS1100 PCIe card is put in. The Fujitsu Boot Logo will stay forever, one can't even enter the BIOS settings. To resolve this issue, the PCI class code has to be change from starting numbers: 07.... to 06....

Step-by-step guide

To follow these guide you need a Win10 PC where you put in the SIS1100 PCIe card. The SIS1100 driver has to be installed and you need the tool PLXMon which is part of Broadcoms Windows SDK. One could use haso113w10test for this purpose. Everything is already installed and set up on this host.

  1. open PLXMon
  2. click on the card symbol
  3. select the card with "PLX PCI <==> Local Bus bridge"
  4. click on eeprom
  5. in the Class Code/Rev field change the first 7 to 6, in this case 07800001 to 06800001

  6. click "write" and wait a few seconds for the eeprom to be stored on the card

  7. that's it, the PCIe card should work in our current workstations