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  1. on a DESY computer open a browser and go to the fastx web session page of the host you want to share. The URL would be https://HOSTNAME:3443
  2. a security certificate warning will appear. Click on advanced → accept the risk and continue
  3. login with your desy username/password
  4. click on "launch session"
  5. select XFCE and click "launch"
  6. if your browser blocks popups, click on "go to my session"
  7. move youre mouse to the top center of the webpage. A button bar will appear. Click on the sharing button
  8. click in the "enable sharing" checkbox, select "anyone with this link can control the session"
  9. copy the link
  10. go to and login with your door credentials
  11. go to "Beamtime Manager" → "Manage Remote Sessions"
  12. search for the beamtime where you want the current desktop to be shared
  13.  click on grant/revoke
  14. select the participants you want to enable remote access for and paste the link in the "remote access session key checkbox"
  15. click on "send email & grant access"

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