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In the bottom-right corner ComboBox the user selects one of the SPECIALIZED IMAGE TOOLS:

  • Intensity - shows intensity of the selected pixels
  • ROI - selects Regions Of Interest and culculates a sum of their pixel intensities
  • LineCut - selects Line Cuts and shows their 1d intensity plots
  • Angle/Q - shows pixel coordinates in q-space or theta-angles
  • MoveMotor - moves the selected motors to the position pointed by mouse
  • MeshScan - performs sardana mesh scan on the selected ROI region
  • 1d-Plot - plots 1d-plots of the selected image rows
  • Projections - plots horizontal and vertical projections of the current image
  • Q+ROI+Proj - combines Angle/Q, ROI and Projections
  • Maxima - points pixels with the highest intensity
  • Parameters - reads and writes tango attributes to change detector settings
  • Diffractogram - shows a result of azimuth integration on 1d plot

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