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Diffractogram  shows a result of azimuth integration on 1d plot

  • Calibration loads pyFAI calibration files, e.g. in PONI format
  • Range defines the integration ranges
  • combobox with Units sets x-axis units of the 1d diffractogram plot
  • Show/Stop - switches on/off continuous mode of diffractogram update with each  image
  • Next - (re-)computes a diffractogram for the current image
  • combobox with a Number of diffractograms corresponding to different ranges

Ranges and 1d plots colors can be changed in the lavue Configuration by setting Ranges and ROIs Colors

Also in the Configuration the user can change

  • Diffractogram size: number of points in the diffractogram
  • Correct Solid Angle: correct solid angle flag for diffractogram

A contour plot of diffractograms (collected in time) can be created with use of the Buffering widget

  • Buffer size: maximal number of diffractograms in the heat-map plot
  • Reset: reset the diffractogram buffer
  • Collect/Stop: start or stop collect diffractograms in the buffer
  • Main plot: select 2D-plot i.e. Image shows the original image,  Buffer <?>   shows a buffer for the <?> diffractogram range

The configuration of the tool can be set with a JSON dictionary passed in the  --tool-configuration  option in command line or a toolconfig variable of LavueController.LavueState with the following keys:

calibration (string), diff_number (integer), diff_ranges ( [azimuth_start, azimuth_end, radial_start, radial_end] for each diffractogram i.e.   lists of  four floats), diff_units ( "q [1/nm]", "q [1/A]", "2th [deg]", "2th [rad]","r [mm]", "r [pixel]" string), buffer_size (integer), buffering (boolean), collect (boolean), show_diff (boolean), main_plot (image, buffer 1, buffer 2, buffer 3 or buffer 4 string)


lavue -u diffractogram -s test --tool-configuration \{\"calibration\":\"test/images/eiger4n_al203_13.45kev.poni\",\"diff_number\":2,\"diff_ranges\":[[10,20,0,10],[-5,5,5,15]],\"diff_units\":\"r\ [mm]\",\"buffering\":true,\"buffer_size\":512\} --start

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