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Images from a  ASAP::O server, e.g. detector servers. It is used to send post-processed images

The  ASAPO image source frame contains the following fields:

  • Datasource: name of asapo datasource. Possible datasources can be predefined in the configuration. The default one is detector
  • Stream: name of asapo stream. List of streams  is fetched from the ASAPO server. The default one in default while **ALL** corresponds to the last one image from all datasources.
  • Status: shows the connection status. It also displays a port of ZMQ security stream if it is enabled.
  • Start/Stop button to launch or interrupt image querying

In order to use ASAPO image source user has to set an asapo server, an asapo token and an asapo beamtime in the lavue Configuration.

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