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The following list applies for academic, non-commercial users.

Disclaimer: DESY is currently developing a PaNdata-like data policy which will state the terms and conditions applying to the DESY IT services. As long as the policy has not been formally approved by the directorate, the following statements have to be considered as non-binding.

  • Experiments are carried using beamline accounts, e.g. p99user
  • At the beginning of a beamtime, the storage space is initialised by beamline staff ( startBeamtime )
  • Data are written to the GPFS beamline file system from where they are transferred to the GPFS core file system.
  • During the transfer process ACLs are set according to the list of participants. This information is read from DOOR by startBeamtime.
  • At the end of a beamtime, the corresponding files on the beamline file system become unaccessible (stopBeamtime executed by beamline staff).
  • One week after the end of the beamtime, the first dCache copy of the data is created.
  • Data stay on the core file system for a certain period depending on the available disk capacity. Before they are deleted from core file system, a second tape copy is created. To stage data back to disk a request has to be submitted. 
  • Data download
    • Most users ftp-copy data to the home institute via the Gamma Portal. The authorization is based on DOOR credentials.
    • A second option is to copy data via Globus Online using Science Accounts.
  • Processing data (Science Accounts are needed)
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