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sometimes the default network boot fails for different reasons (examples). It might be enough to remove the power cord, replug it and boot again. If this doesn't help, force a disk boot by following these steps:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Power the PC
  2. when the Fujitsu or DESY Logo appears press F10 or F12 to enable the one time boot menu (Picture)

    it depends  on the mainboard manufacturer whether it's F10 or F12. If it enters a DHCP request, just reboot the pc again and try the other key until the menu appears
  3. select the hard drive (hdd / sdd / nvme) using the arrow keys and press enter

One Time Boot Menu Example


Known PXE / Network boot issues

 - "Initial menu has no LABEL entries" appears on the screen

 - PXE Boot is stuck at: