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This DAQ contains all relavant photon diagnostic parameters. The main parts are always saved.

  • all data can be viewed with the DAQdataGUI .
  • selected data can be converted by everyone into ASCII using the DAQConverter: " DAQexperiemntGUI"
  • All data can be converted in a hdf5 file by Erland ( hopefully the converter will be usable by anyone soon (smile) )

Description of the saved data:

  • Properties saved in the GMD_DATA stream - this stream has all main photon diagnostics information for FLASH1 (GMD, VLS, Apetures, filters, ...) . this stream is always saving data
  • Properties saved in the PPLAS stream - The stream contains the important information of the Pump probe laser. this stream is always saving data
  • The stream also houses "PG2_spectrometer" and "Compact_spectrometer". They have to started by experts and only save data when they are started ...
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