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Beamline logbooks (for user related data (e.g. experiment specific alignments and DAQ entries )

FunctionLogbook name
Flash1 CAMP e-Logbook
Flash1_BL2elog e-Logbook
Flash1_BL3elog e-Logbook
Flash1 PG beamline e-Logbook
Flash2_FL24elog e-Logbook
Flash2_FL26elog e-Logbook

Photon diagnostic Logbooks (results of measurements relevant for general photon diagnostic of beamline alignment)

FunctionLogbook name
Flash1 Photon Diag. e-Logbook
Flash2 Photon Diag. e-Logbook

Logbooks for special diagnostics and experiments

FunctionLogbook name
Flash1 Compact Spectrometer e-Logbook
Flash1_Ramanelog e-Logbook
Flash1 (undulator based)THz e-Logbook
(laser based)THz-streaking e-Logbook
HexTOF e-Logbook for HexTOF setup used at PG2
WESPE e-Logbook for WESPE setup used at PG2WESPEelog
MUSIX ( for Martins chamber)MUSIXelog

Other Logbooks

Flash1 Pump and Probe Laser
Flash2 Pump and Probe Laser
FLASH Logbook

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