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There are currently a vast amount of independent experiments and theoretical investigations being carried out to further improve EuXFEL both to expand its operational envelope as well as to explore new concepts. Common to all these activities is the need for collaboration between different work groups, something which was hampered in the past partly also due to the different geographical locations of the DESY and EuXFEL campus. The goal of this joint R&D group is to strengthen collaboration efforts and to creating a breading pool for new ideas and concepts by bringing all required people together.


The group is currently meeting every second week to discuss various advanced lasing concepts both from a theoretical and experimental standpoint. This forum is used to both attract collaborators and to get feedback of the individual projects. The meetings are held alternating in Schenefeld and DESY without video conference participation to further underline the one-lab aspect. Due to COVID we currently organize the meetings in zoom.


This is a virtual group, as such all the members are still part of their respective operational units. The group is steered jointly by Gianluca Geloni and Marc Guetg. Participants are drafted from the following groups:

  • MXL
  • MPY
  • FPH
  • UND


The meetings take place every second Wednesday at 14:00 - 15:30. Please use the following Zoom link.

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