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We have set up a mailing list structure. All of the mailing lists end with .

Please contact Friederike ( ) if you have questions.

The mailing lists are currently being filled with subscribers, please let Friederike or the respective (sub-)topic speaker know, if you would like to subscribe to a list.

mt-members: everybody contributing to MT

mt-ard: everybody contributing to ARD

mt-dts: everybody contributing to DTS

mt-dma: everybody contributing to DMA

mt-management: Management Board MT

mt-executive: Executive Board MT

mt-reporting: for reporting

mt-centers: MT center contacts

mt-ard-management: ARD Management (Speakers of Topic and Subtopics)

mt-dts-management: DTS Management (Speakers of Topic and Subtopics)

mt-dma-management: DMA Management (Speakers of Topic and Subtopics)

mt-ard-strategy: for ARD strategy discussions

mt-dts-strategy: for DTS strategy discussions

mt-dma-strategy: for DMA strategy discussions

mt-ard-st*: everybody contributing to ARD ST *

mt-dts-st*: everybody contributing to DTS ST *

mt-dma-st*: everybody contributing to DMA ST *

mt-dma-idaf: everybody contributing to the IDAF LK II facility

This and more information can also be found in these slides:


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