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Using this tool one can create a mask file in “Fit2D” mask format (extension “.msk”) to mask the detector gap and defect pixels e.g. for detector Dectris EIGER X 9M, One can use it in the plugin “ImageIntegration1d” as MASK file.

  • Click toll “Mask Creator From Image File” in the menu “Tools”.
  • A control panel “Mask Creator From Image File” will be opened.
  • Open a image file.
  • Get the gap pixel value (normally > 100000000 cts).
  • If the the gap pixel value equal 0, type in the "value_of_mask_pixel" field 0 and type in the "value_of_data_pixel" 1.

  • If the the gap pixel value >100000000, type in the "value_of_mask_pixel" field 100000000 and type in the "value_of_data_pixel" 99000000.

  • Click the save button to save the mask file which masked all gap and defect pixels.

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