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Here are the current development releases for testing purposes only.

If you find any issue or want to comment, please use the mailing list

New development version 1.3.x for download:


New changes in the test version:

  • Removed following plugins because it is no more developed:

    • SAXS/WAXS Integration
    •  SAXS/WAXS Integration (Fit2D)
    • SPEC/Online Viewer
  • Add following plugins for general (not only from Dectris Eiger detector) HDF5-file:

    • All_Hdf5_DataFile_infos

    • All_Hdf5_MasterFile_infos

    • All_Hdf5_Dataset_Input

    • All_Hdf5ToTiff 

  • Add following plugins to create mask files in the Fit2d mask format:

    • Mask Creator From Image File

    • Masks addition from mask files (Fit2d mask file format)
  • Add new plugin to remove cosmic spot from DectrisEiger-HDF5 files (2 files needed):

    • DectrisEiger_multiread_correction

  • Add a modified plugin for azimuthal SAXS/WAXS integration in the 2 azimuthal regions:

    • ImageIntegration_2reg_avg_sum

  • Add a modified plugin for azimuthal/radial SAXS/WAXS integration with chi-file output:

    • ImageIntegration1d_chi_output

  • Plugin correction updates:

    • "Line Integration GISAXS" (

    • "Line Integration (q, vertical)" (

    • "Line Integration GIWAXS" (

    • "2D Color Plot" (
  • Add new plugin to input Dectris Eiger HDF5-files with scan number and data file number:

    • Eiger Data Image Input

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