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Here are the current development releases for testing purposes only.

If you find any issue or want to comment, please use the mailing list

New development version 1.4.x for download:


Windows version:

  •   Supported Operating System:
    • Windows 7, Windows 10
      Required Software:
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86, x64)
    • Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7

    • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5for 32-bit machine required also:

      • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)
      • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
      Hardware Requirements:

      • 2 GHz or faster processor
      • At least 2 GB of RAM; Recommend 4 GB RAM or higher
      • 670 MB of available hard disk space

Linux version:

           The Linux installation is just from source. To use the source package of dpdak you need to install the free Python programming language and some additional libraries.

           Most Linux systems have Python installed by default.

           The current version of dpdak needs the following Python version and packages:


New changes in the test version:

  • Removed following plugins because it is no more developed:

    • SAXS/WAXS Integration
    •  SAXS/WAXS Integration (Fit2D)
    • SPEC/Online Viewer
  • Add following plugins for general (not only from Dectris Eiger detector) HDF5-file:

    • All_Hdf5_DataFile_infos

    • All_Hdf5_MasterFile_infos

    • All_Hdf5_Dataset_Input

    • All_Hdf5ToTiff  

    • All_Hdf5ToTiff_Corr
  • Add following plugins to create mask files in the Fit2d mask format:

    • Mask Creator From Image File

    • Masks addition from mask files (Fit2d mask file format)
  • Add new plugin to remove cosmic spot from DectrisEiger-HDF5 files (2 files needed):

    • DectrisEiger_multiread_correction

  • Add a modified plugin for azimuthal SAXS/WAXS integration in the 2 azimuthal regions:

    • ImageIntegration_2reg_avg_sum

    • 'ImageIntegration_2reg_avg_sort
    • mageIntegration_2reg_avg_sum_ownBG
    • mageIntegration1d_ownBG
  • Add a modified plugin for azimuthal/radial SAXS/WAXS integration with chi-file output:

    • ImageIntegration1d_chi_output

  • Plugin correction updates:

    • "Line Integration GISAXS" (

    • "Line Integration (q, vertical)" (

    • "Line Integration GIWAXS" (

    • "2D Color Plot" (
    • "Sum Images" (
  • Add new plugin to input Dectris Eiger HDF5-files with scan number and data file number:

    • Eiger Data Image Input

  • Add new plugin to sum the Dectris Eiger HDF5-files and the corrected (multiread) Dectris Eiger HDF5-files and output the result data path:

    • Dectris Eiger Image Sum

    • Dectris Eiger Image Sum (same data number)
    • Sum Eiger Multiread Images
  • Corrected following plugins:

    • "Line Integration GLAD" (

    • Changed something in plugin "SamDetDistanceCalc" (, in order to use Dectris Eiger HDF5-files.
  • Add new tool for image ROI mapping:

    • Image_ROI_map

  • Add new plugin to input corrected (multiread) Dectris Eiger HDF5-files with scan number and data file number:

    • Eiger Multiread Image Input

  • Add following plugins for Dectris Eiger hdf5 data set with gap correction (set gap pixel and defect pixel value to 0):

    • DectrisEigerHdf5ToTiff_corr

  • Add new plugin to remove the rows of intensity value zero (I = 0.0) in the integration output file:

    • RemoveZero2columns

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