Central Source Code Repository

The DOOCS source code is managed through a central Git repository which acts as a master repository. Each individual library, server or tool is represented by a Git repository on the central master. Each repository has to be cloned individually and can be worked with locally according to the Git paradigm. As a repository server for DOOCS a GitLab instance is being used hosted by MCS (not the DESY IT GitLab instance).

MCS GitLab Instance


To get access to this GitLab instance you need to log on once - which will fail - and ask for enabling your account via the MCS DOOCS request tracker. Send an email to doocs-rt@desy.de for this. Once you have access to the MCS GitLab instance one can store the public SSH key in GitLab for access from the command line. 


git clone git@mcs-gitlab.desy.de:doocs/doocs-core-libraries/clientlib.git

Gitolite Instance with SSH Key-Based Access

The old Git repository server based on Gitolite is still being used for many server applications. It can be accessed on DESY campus via ssh-based git access from the following source, requiring public ssh keys submitted to the Git administrators (send a request by email without key first to doocs-rt@desy.de ).



git clone git@doocs-git:doocs/library/common/clientlib doocs/library/common/clientlib

Gitolite Instance with HTTPS-Based Access

Gitolite access via HTTPS is provided on DESY campus through this internal link:



git clone https://doocs-git.desy.de/cgit/doocs/library/common/clientlib doocs/library/common/clientlib

Using the DOOCS Git Source Code Repository

How to use and work with Git and the central DOOCS Git repository is explained in the DOOCS Programmer's Manual in the Code Development section.

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