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The students will start to analyze their experiments during their time at DESY, in parallel to the actual experiments.
They will take data at the DESY II Test Beam from 19.10. to 27.10., thus the analysis room should be open from 20.10. to 28.10., hopefully with a lot of data to analyze.

The analysis room (FH guest office, Bldg 1d, EG.412) will be open for the students during the analysis period from around 9:30 to 18:30. It would be great to have a volunteer around for as much of that time as possible. For this we'd split the days in two slots, for which you can sign up. With currently around 8 volunteers this would mean with a bit more than two shifts per person we could cover the full period.

Some more organisational information:

  • On the first days, there might not be a lot of test beam data, but the students will be trying to get themselves familiar with the software we use and of course with programming itself
  • There will be special events on 23.10. (afternoon) and on 25.10. (afternoon), such that no supervision will be required.
  • The morning volunteer/team can of course have a lunch break - the student's will want to eat, too.
  • Yes, if there's no student around at 18:00 you can also lock the room and leave  : )
  • The period includes weekends and it's much asked to volunteer for weekends, but the students really appreciate any help they can get..
    • Feel free to fill slots here even if you can't be there for the full time
  • There might not always be questions - feel free to bring your laptop and work from there whenever it's possible

A few words on the data analysis itself ...

  • We're currently setting up the analysis code. Since we have two winning teams there will be two experiments and hence two analysis schemes, but we're trying to set it up as coherent as we can.
  • The analysis will most probably run using Jupyter notebooks using python and ROOT.
  • We will provide you with more information on the analysis of our data before the project and place some documentation on Confluence.
  • In case of questions: You don't have to know everything about our test beam data analysis. We, the support scientists that are setting up the experiments and the analysis, are of course available for questions, although we're at the test beam taking data most of the time.

Data Analysis Support

Please fill in your names into the following table.
If you would like to take a slot and can't make the full time, just state the time you can be there and maybe we'll find another volunteer for the rest of the slot.

Thank you very much!

10:30 - 14:30Chris Pollard
14:30 - 18:30Loïc Valery(Loïc could also be there on Saturday afternoon)
9:30 - 14:30Christian Sander
14:30 - 18:30Engin Eren
9:30 - 14:30Will Leight
14:30 - 18:30Christian Sander (maybe until 5 pm)
9:30 - 14:00Will Leight
--Sponsor day from 14:30 - all students have to attend
9:30 - 14:30Eldwan Brianne
14:30 - 18:30Engin Eren
9:30 - 13:30Eldwan BrianneChanged times due to a visit of the XFEL
16:30 - 18:30Max Wanotayaroj
9:30 - 14:30

14:30 - 18:30Leonid Didukh
9:30 - 14:30

14:30 - 18:30Max Wanotayaroj
9:30 - 14:30

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