Welcome to the twiki page about the R&D studies for the CMS Tracker Upgrade Phase 2 which are ongoing at DESY Hamburg!

Our team is using Alibava read-out system for studying properties of Si strip sensor materials for their future implementation to construct the CMS Pixel Tracker detector during the second phase of upgrade of LHC at CERN.    

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Meeting 03.05.2016
Participants: Dmitry, Doris, Adrian Discussion Tel. resolution   TODO 11 complete enlarge the acceptance windows for patterns recognition and re-do the alignment 12 complete plot the GBL output errors for all planes w and w/o DUT as a scatterer 13 complete plot the and  vs. x and vs. y
Analysis meeting 09.02.2016
Participants: Doris, Adrian, Dmitry Discussion The distributions of the clustring-1 step and correlation plots (see Correlations paragraph) were discussed in a context of cuts: Weird alternating behavior of the strip signals distr. vs. alibava ch. (see fig. 1, left): the av. signal of a strips group is negative while the following group of strips has positive av. signal (signals dist. was plotted taking to account negative signal polarity from the MCz200P sample).…
Analysis meeting 26.01.2016
Participants : Adrian, Dmitry Last week's TODO list discussion The plots aka telescope DQM showing the av. numb. of clusters, cluster X and Y size per telescope+CMSPixRef, the av. numb. of clusters per telescope arm vs. time/run number (functions and ) as well as the difference and asymmetry of these functions,  and are presented (w/o fiducial cut) on the page Telescope raw data analysis. Merging step was clarified, two codes, git ver. and Thomas' ver.,…

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