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The Active galactic nuclei (AGN) unification scheme proposed in the 90's was a major milestone in the field by presenting angles with the line of sight and jet/accretion-disk powers as the two main criteria differentiating the observed sources. It was shortly followed by the well known "Blazar Sequence", proposing a continuity between various types of blazars based on their synchrotron emission peak frequency and their relative synchrotron/inverse-Compton luminosity. The smooth continuity between the different types of AGN with jets is now jeopardized by the observations of multiple sources not matching this global scheme, thanks to intensive multi-wavelength observation campaigns. In another hand, the hundreds of jets monitored in radio very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) during decades show drastically different pictures, also challenging a smooth unification. I will present the clues we gathered toward an updated unification scenario, where the consideration of two-flows jets and recollimation shocks structures can consistently include most of the "non-standard" sources.

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