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The events take place virtually every last Friday of the months, at 10:30 h.  Every week, two papers are selected for the discussion (~ 30 min for each). For each paper, we start with a short presentation (10 - 15 min) by a volunteer aiming to summarize and contextualize the content of the paper. After that, it's open for discussions.

Everyone is welcome to contribute with paper suggestions and/or by volunteering him/herself as a speaker (see suggestion table below).

Below you find a few guidelines that are used for the paper selection:
- relatively new (~ few months old);
- generally interesting for the astroparticle community;
- the speaker should preferably not be an author.


Contact: Raul R Prado (, Wing Yan Ma ( and Olivier Asin (

Next event - Friday, 30.10.2020, at 10:30 h.

Title: Neutrino emission during the γ-suppressed state of blazars
Speaker: Xavier Rodrigues

Title: Features of the energy spectrum of cosmic rays above 2.5×1018 eV using the Pierre Auger Observatory
Speaker: Arjen van Vliet

Suggestion box

TitleLinkSpeaker (name/email)Date
"Neutrino emission during the γ-suppressed state of blazars" Rodrigues30.10.2020
"Physical Conditions and Particle Acceleration in the Kiloparsec Jet of Centaurus A"

"Features of the energy spectrum of cosmic rays above 2.5×1018 eV using the Pierre Auger Observatory" van Vliet30.10.2020

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