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In April 2013, Mrk421 underwent extreme flaring activity, densely monitored during nine consecutive days at very-high-energy (VHE, E > 100 GeV) by MAGIC and VERITAS (with gamma-ray fluxes beyond 15 Crab Units above 800 GeV), in the hard X-rays by NuSTAR, in the soft X-rays by Swift-XRT, and by several optical and radio facilities. The unique dataset with 43 hours of strictly simultaneous observations in the VHE and X-ray energy bands with NuSTAR will be presented. It allowed a detailed study of intranight variability in VHE and X-ray energy bands, and of VHE/X-ray correlations. There will be a brief discussion on the consistency of the observed multi-band variability with magnetic reconnection scenarios.

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