PAST        : The seminars used to start at 10 am in SR03 at DESY in Zeuthen. There would normally be a common breakfast and paper discussion till around 10:30, when the presentation starts.

PRESENT : The seminars now start at 10.10 am in SR05 at DESY in Zeuthen. There is a common breakfast and casual discussion until around 10:30am, when the presentation starts.

The AP seminars are currently hybrid meetings

  • On demand, one Friday of every month could be dedicated to a journal club rather than a seminar; please see Journal Club for more details.
    • If Zoom-only: The Zoom room opens at 10:10 for a meet & greet with the speaker
    • If hybrid: Come talk to the speaker at 10:10 in the SR or the terrace outside
  • The seminar talk starts at 10:30am
  • The talk length is suggested as 40-45 minutes, not counting the discussion time
  • Join the seminar zoom meeting:
  • The meeting is password protected. The password is shared in the email announcement. If you did not receive it, contact the organisers.
  • If the speaker allows, the slides will be posted to the indico page or shared via email.
  • We can record the seminars if this is requested beforehand (at least one week before the seminar). For these seminars, during the event, photos or films will be taken for internal or external publication in the name of DESY. If you do not want to be recorded, you still can participate online and switch your camera and microphone off. Note that we will not record any questions that take place in the time after the talk.

For questions or speaker suggestions please contact:

Anil Kumar (anil.kumar [at], Victor Barbosa Martins (victor.barbosa.martins [at], Michelle Tsirou (michelle.tsirou [at]

Topic: AP journal club and seminar
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Upcoming seminars

DateSpeakerInstituteTopicOrganizer & PoIFormat

Alison Mitchell


Gamma-ray insights into the origins of galactic cosmic raysHybrid

Julia Windmiller

Zeuthen Weihnachtsmarkt

CTA meeting in Berlin

Max-Planck-Institute for MeteorologyTrade Winds and Tropical Precipitation: A Deep Dive into the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)Hybrid

Giada PeronFirenze UTBD Probing GCRs with HE gamma-raysHybrid

mid-December - early January : Hiatus

Thomas KupferUni HamburgTDBHybrid



Yuzhu CuiZhejiang Lab, ChinaThe precessing jet nozzle connecting to a spinning black hole in M87Remote only

Enrico Ramirez RuizUC Santa CruzMHD simulations, TDEs, accretionHybrid

Ludwig M. Böss

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (München)

Galaxy cluster simulation + CRs TBAMichelle Tsirou Hybrid

Alexey GunyaUni PotsdamTBD EHE CRsHybrid

Arno VanthieghiemPrinceton / LESIA?TBD PIC simulations, astrophysical plasmaMichelle Tsirou Hybrid


(Overlapping APC meeting)

Villa not available


DESY ZeuthenMulti-messenger modeling of neutrino-coincident TDEsMichelle Tsirou Hybrid

Rahul CecilUni HamburgWhat Are ALPs & How To Hunt Them?Hybrid


Stephan Rosswog

Warning : Children school vacation

Uni HamburgMulti-messenger signals from merging neutron stars: a new tool and a new scenarioHybrid


(Overlapping  APC meeting)---Villa not available


AllDESY"All Hands" MeetingHybrid


Naveen KumarUni Heidelberg

Relativistic beam-plasma interaction for laboratory astrophysics 

Michelle Tsirou Hybrid


Yuri Y. Kovalev

(Overlapping  H.E.S.S. collaboration meeting)

MPIfR, Bonn

Radio-bright blazars as the origin of high-energy neutrino

Topics for extra-seminar discussion (communicate your liking!)



Matthias KadlerUniversity of WuerzburgRadio-Astronomicl probes of High-Energy processes in relativistic jetsHybrid


(Overlapping meetings with AG Berlin, TeVPA and MU)



Željka BošnjakZagreb UThe prompt emission phase of gamma-ray bursts: recent resultsHybrid


Aman GuptaSINP (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Kolkata)Neutrinos at KM3NeT from dark matter annihilations at the Solar coreAnil Kumar Hybrid

mid-July - August : Hiatus

                                                                                  Exceptions possible, contact one of us in advance!
                                        Villa booked from July 21st - August 25th for the ATLAS group meetings during the AP seminar slot.

Contact :Klaus Moenig

Mirco HuennefeldTU DortmundObservation of High-Energy Neutrinos from the Galactic PlaneHybrid

Imre BartosFlorida UniversityTwo recent surprises in gravitational wave astrophysicsHybrid

Sarira SahuUNAMDeciphering the ~ 18 TeV photons from GRB 221009AHybrid

Lea MarcotulliYale UniversityThe most powerful persistent jets through cosmic timeHybrid


Anastasia SokolenkoUniversity of ChicagoExploring intergalactic magnetic fields as a window into new physicsHybrid


Jan BenáčekPotsdam UniversityEvolution and coherent radio emission of pair-plasma bunches in pulsar magnetospheresHybrid


Jacco VinkUniversity of AmsterdamThe expansion and polarization of the nonthermal X-ray filaments  in Cassiopeia AVictor Barbosa Martins Emma Maria de Ona WilhelmiHybrid


Denise VoelkerDESY HamburgSustainability at DESY (presentation in English, slides in German)Hybrid


Sarah RecchiaTorino UniversityGiant Cosmic-Ray Halos around M31 and the Milky WayHybrid


Xiang-Yu WangNanjing University, ChinaLHAASO observations of GRB 221009AOnline


AP "All Hands" MeetingRecap what has happened since the AP retreatHybrid


(CTA Symposium Meeting)



Alan Coleman

(also: H.E.S.S. Collaboration Meeting)

UppsalaDetecting Cosmic Rays with Radio Antennas at the South PoleHybrid


Pavel KroupaUni BonnThe existence of dark matterHybrid







Laura Olivera-NietoMPIK HeidelbergSpatially resolved TeV emission from the jets of the microquasar SS 433Hybrid

Thibault Vieu

(Ice Cube Collaboration Meeting)

MPIK HeidelbergClustered supernovae as the sources of galactic cosmic rays at very-high energiesMichelle Tsirou Hybrid


Enrico PerettiNiels Bohr InstituteParticle acceleration and multi-messenger radiation from astrophysical outflowsMichelle Tsirou Hybrid

Pau Amaro Seoane



Transient stellar collisions as multimessenger probes: Non-thermal-, gravitational wave emission and the cosmic ladder argument



Norbert WernerMasaryk-UniversityMonitoring the High-Energy Sky with Small SatellitesHybrid


Gwenael GiacintiTDLI / SJTU Shanghai Particle Acceleration to Very High Energies in Pulsar Wind NebulaeMichelle Tsirou 


Simone Garrappa Uni Bochum, DESYThe blazars strike back: a multi-messenger story.Victor Barbosa Martins Hybrid


Rodrigo Guedes LangECAPAstroparticles as a key tool for testing Lorentz invariance violation: an overview of the current status and perspectivesHybrid

Troels PetersenNiels Bohr InstitutetUsing Graph Neural Networks for classification and reconstruction in IceCube



Henrike FleischhackNASA/GSFCMysterious PeVatrons – where are our Galaxy's most powerful accelerators hiding?Victor Barbosa Martins Elisa Pueschel 


Michael WurmUni MainzHow to detect the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background


Livia LudhovaFZ Jülich / RWTH AachenSolar neutrinos from the Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen fusion cycleSteffen Hallmann 


DESYVery-high-energy gamma-ray burst afterglows: A story about Bactrians, Dromedaries and lots of ButterfliesMichelle Tsirou 


Colin ClarkAEI HannoverSearching for Gamma-ray Spiders


Claudio KopperMSUHigh-Energy Astronomy with IceCube


DESYGone with the breeze: A subsonic outflow solution to the Fermi bubble problem


DESYProbing the cosmic-ray pressure in the inner Virgo Cluster with H.E.S.S. and the prospects with CTA



Indirect dark matter search with a very-high-energy gamma-ray observatory, VERITAS


Robert SteinCaltechWINTER: a new IR telescope for time-domain and multi-messenger science


Juliana Stachurska (in SR4, due to MMS school)MITTowards the determination of the absolute neutrino mass scale with Project 8


Alba DomiUniversity of Amsterdam, NIKHEFNeutrino oscillation studies and cosmic neutrino searches with KM3NeT


Lorenzo AmatiINAFCosmology and Multi-Messenger Astrophysics with Gamma-Ray Bursts


TBC - Anatoli FedynitchAcademia Sinica, TaipeiUHECR

 **hybrid format**

Robert MochkovitchInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisThe prompt emission of gamma-ray bursts: dissipation mechanisms and radiation processes ← sign up to see the talk in-person in link


Xavier RodriguesDESYProspects for the detection of active galaxies with next-generation neutrino telescopes

  **hybrid format**

DESYThe first VHE detection of a nova with the H.E.S.S. telescopes ← sign up to see the talk in-person in link

 @10:00 AM!!


AP division open forum to discuss DESY sanctions

Special ZOOM:


Rafael PortoDESYPrecision Gravity: From the LHC to LISA and ET

  **hybrid format**

Markus BöttcherNorth-West UniversityNeutrino production in blazar jets ← sign up to see the talk in-person in link

  **hybrid format**

Axel SchwopeAIPCompact galactic objects with eROSITA ← sign up to see the talk in-person in link


Jonathan MackeyDIASInvestigating stellar-wind bubbles from massive stars


(special time: 4pm)

Matthias DanningerSimon Fraser UniversityThe Pacific Ocean Neutrino Explorer (P-ONE)


(special time: 3pm)

Eric CoughlinSyracuse UniversityStars Crushed by Supermassive Black Holes


Martin PohlDESYAssessing the Impact of Hydrogen Absorption on the Characteristics of the Galactic Center Excess



Federica Bradascio


Search for cross-correlations between IceCube neutrinos and AGN cores selected in various bands of the electromagnetic spectrum

Summer Blot


Francesca CapelTechnische Universität München and ORIGINS Excellence ClusterEvaluating cosmic coincidences


Emanuele GrecoINAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo and Università degli Studi di Palermo / UvAEvidences of a Pulsar Wind Nebula in SN 1987A


(11:00 am)

Alexandre MarcowithLaboratoire Universe et Particules de Montpellier (LUPM)Post-breakout supernova shocks as Cosmic-ray and gamma-ray sources


Philipp MertschRWTH Aachen UniversityThe distribution of gas in the Galaxy and its implications for cosmic raysSylvia Jiechen Zhu


LSWAnalysis optimisation for >10 TeV gamma-ray astronomy with IACTsSylvia Jiechen Zhu


Björn EichmannRuhr-Universität BochumThermal-to-nonthermal element abundances in different Galactic environments


Federica Bradascio




Cross-correlation between IceCube Neutrinos and AGN Cores (TBC)

AP Meet & Greet / Best summer holiday photo competition

Summer Blot


Giovanni MorlinoINAF, Osservatorio Astrofisico di ArcetriCosmic-ray electrons released by supernova remnants


Lorenzo CapriottiUniv. BolognaLHCb - lepton flavour anomaliesSummer Blot

('bonus' seminar instead of journal club)

DESYNew Observations Probing Particle Acceleration in GRB Outflows


Wyn EvansCambridgeThe Sausage, the Sequoia and the SplashSylvia Jiechen Zhu


Dorit GlawionECAPMulti-wavelength View of the M87 Black Hole captured by Event Horizon Telescope


Dmitry ProkhorovGRAPPA, University of AmsterdamSearch for gamma rays from SNe with Fermi-LAT


Felix AharonianMPIK / DIASGalactic PeVatronsSylvia Jiechen Zhu


Iair ArcaviTel Aviv UniversityNew Discoveries of Extreme Transients, videoSylvia Jiechen Zhu


Karim BenabedInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisPlanck cosmological Legacy


Vincent GuilletInstitut d'Astrophysique SpatialePlanck 2018 results. Galactic astrophysics using polarized dust emission


Valery BrinnelHUAnisotropy studies with SNIa and ZTFSummer Blot


n/an/ano seminar (Good Friday / Easter weekend)


Maria WerhahnAIPCosmic rays and non-thermal emission in simulated galaxies


special time: 16:00

Ke FangUW MadisonTBD - Multimessenger Astrophysics 


coffee/tea chat


special time: 15:00

Mohamad ShalabyAIPCosmic ray dynamical impacts and transport in stellar environments


Andrea MerloniMPENew eyes on the X-ray sky: First Results from eROSITA on SRG


special time: 16:00 (sorry)

Nicola OmodeiStanfordHigh-Energy Emission from a Magnetar Giant Flare in the Sculptor Galaxy


Christoph PfrommerAIPCosmic ray acceleration and transport


special time: 15:00

Ana BonacaCfAUncovering the nature of dark matter with stellar streams in the Milky Way


2020-12-11Artem BohdanDESYCollisionless High Mach number shocks: PIC simulations vs in-situ measurements
2020-12-04Christian StegmannDESYthe outcome of the APC
and the DESY Scientific Council
Artem Bohdan
2020-11-27Journal Club

2020-11-20Brian RevilleMax Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics HeidelbergGalactic sources of very high energy particlesArtem Bohdan



Carolyn A. Kierans Universities Space Research Association, NASAThe Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI): From Balloons to a Satellitecontact: Artem Bohdan
2020-10-30Journal Club


SgrA*contact: Pau Amaro-Seoane, Summer Blot
2020-10-16Vandad Fallah RamazaniUniversity of TurkuTesting two-component models on very high-energy gamma-ray-emitting BL Lac objectscontact: Sylvia Zhu
2020-10-02Imre BartosUniversity of FloridaThe black hole that should not exist, and other recent surprises in gravitational wave astrophysicscontact: Sylvia Zhu



Ievgen VovkInstitute for Cosmic Ray Research, the University of TokyoMAGIC, very large zenith angle observations of Crabcontact: Artem Bohdan
2020-09-18Alberto SesanaUniversity of Milan-BicoccaSupermassive black hole astrophysics with pulsar timing arrayscontact: Sylvia Zhu
2020-09-11no seminar (Liebenberg Meeting)

2020-08-07Michelle GallowayZurichObservation of Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1Tcontact: Summer Blot
2020-07-24, 16:00Phil LandryCal State FullertonGW190814: An Unexpected Compact Binary Coalescence from the Mass Gapcontact: Sylvia Zhu
2020-07-17, 4pmMatthew GrahamCaltechCandidate Electromagnetic Counterpart to the Binary Black Hole Merger Gravitational-Wave Event S190521gcontact: Anna Franckowiak


(Thurs  @4pm)

Scott Flamming + Chase MillionSTSCIgPhoton: A Time Tagged Database of Calibrated GALEX UV Photon Events and the Science It Enablescontact: Rolf Buehler
2020-06-26AP status update
All of AP
2020-06-19Lars NiederAEI HannoverFinding and observing spider pulsars in gamma rayscontact: Sylvia Zhu
2020-06-12Kohta MurasePenn StateMessengers from Hidden Sources: Corona, Shock, and Turbulence, videocontact: Walter Winter
2020-06-05Robert Stein, Walter WinterDESYneutrino TDEcontact: Anna Franckowiak
2020-05-22Silvia ManconiAachenProbing the extragalatic gamma-ray source populations with photon count
statistics and anisotropies
contact: Anna Franckowiak
2020-05-15Frank RiegerMPIK HDVHE gamma-rays from the large-scale jet of Centaurus A, videocontact: Andrew Taylor
2020-05-07 (Thursday, 1pm)Stefan Ohm & Xavier RodriguesDESY

Probing the magnetic field in the GW170817 outflow using H.E.S.S. observationsvideo

contact: Anna Franckowiak
2020-05-01public holiday, no seminar

2020-04-24Joern WilmsSternwarte BambergeROSITAvideocontact: Anna Franckowiak
2020-04-17, 16:30Zara BagdasarianUC Berkeley

Dive into the deep Earth with neutrinos: Borexino latest resultsvideo

contact: Anna Franckowiak
2020-04-10no seminar due to Easter


Archisman Ghosh


contact David Berge

2020-03-13Andrea PalladinoDESYThe SIR (Susceptible-Infected-Recovered) model of theoretical
epidemiology, and its application to the Corona virus spread in Italy
contact person: Anna Franckowiak
2020-03-06Sergey TroitskyINR, MoscowHigh-energy neutrinos from central parsecs of radio-bright AGNcontact person: Anna Franckowiak
2020-02-28Ana BabicU ZagrebIntra-night variability of Mrk421 during an extreme flare in 2013contact person: Elisa Pueschel
2020-01-31Tiffany LewisU. Haifa/Tel Aviv U.Modeling Blazar Jets with Particle Transport Methods
2020-01-24Huirong YanUPCross field transport of cosmic rays and Geminga’s TeV halocontact person: Elisa Pueschel
2020-01-17Andreas MaierDESYGravitational Wave Forms: From Theory to Experimentcontact person: Elisa Pueschel


2019-12-13Jonathan BiteauIPNOAstroparticles from the extragalactic universecontact person: Elisa Pueschel
2019-12-06Manuel MeyerErlangenStudying the gamma-ray variability of flat spectrum radio quasars: implications on particle acceleration and location of the gamma-ray emission regioncontact person: Anna Franckowiak
2019-12-03 (@1pm in SR3)Donna Rodgers-LeeTrinity College, DublinThe role of cosmic rays in the star formation processcontact person: Andrew Taylor

2019-11-29 (@3pm)

Janin SchafferAWI, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine ResearchClimate Change and the Physics of the Ocean
Daniel MuthukrishnaCambridgeReal-Time Classification of Explosive Transients Using Deep Learning
Michi BauböckMPIfEP, GarchingStellar Orbits and Infrared Flares at the Galactic Center
Sylvio KloseSternwarte TautenburgThe SkyHopper satellite project
Simona LombardoAix-Marseille UniversitéThe Calar Alto Schmidt-Lemaitre Telescope: an innovative telescope concept for wide field astronomy
Armelle Jardin-BlicqMPI HeidelbergA HAWC view of the multi-TeV gamma-ray sky
Silke BritzenMPIfR, BonnA cosmic collider: Was the IceCube neutrino generated in a precessing
jet-jet interaction in TXS 0506+056?


PaduaBridging Cosmology with Astroparticle Physics via Gamma-gamma Interactions: Prospects for Forthcoming and Future Instrumentation

NO SEMINAR due to bridge day


Pau Amaro Seoane


Mapping spacetime around supermassive black holes with gravitational waves

Anastasia SokolenkoOsloDark Matter: where to search for it?
Alison Mitchell ETH ZurichAn extreme Galactic accelerator: HESS J1825-137 and the search for Galactic PeVatrons
tba gamma, neutrino, CR DESY
Steve SchulzeWeizmann Institute

The Host Galaxies Properties of the PTF Core-Collapse Supernova Sample

2019-08-06 (11 am, the Villa)
Joerg HoerandelRadboud University NijmegenRadio detection of cosmic rays
Benito MarcoteJIVELocalizing Fast Radio Bursts and unveiling their extreme environments
Mireia Nievas RosilloDESYMeasurement of the Extragalactic Background Light using MAGIC and Fermi-LAT
James MatthewsOxford UniversityUltrahigh energy cosmic ray acceleration in radio galaxies


(note: 14:00 in the Villa!)

Olivier HervetUCSCTowards a unification of structure and kinematics of AGN jets with their non-thermal emission
Tim DietrichMPIfGP (AEI)The multi-messenger picture of merging neutron stars
Foteini OikonomouESOHigh-energy neutrinos from blazar flares?
no regular AT seminar, but ERC/MSCA information event by Ute Krell and Verena Behrens (in SR1)DESY, Hamburg

ERC/MSCA information session (10-12) and grant writing skills workshop (13-15:30)

DESYCosmic compass - First precise measurement of 3D sub-milliGauss magnetic field with atomic alignment
Brian HareGroningenPrecision lightning mapping with LOFAR: Needles and other observations
Tarek HassanDESYDirect measurement of stellar angular diameters with the VERITAS Cherenkov Telescopes
Alex Geringer-SamethImperial College LondonAstrophysical vs. dark matter interpretations of gamma-ray observations in dwarf galaxies
Arjen van VlietDESYCRPropa 3.2: An open-source astroparticle propagation framework from TeV to ZeV energies
Manami SasakiSternwarte BambergMulti-wavelength studies of interstellar shocks
Wenxi PengIHEP, CASDevelopment of space projects in IHEP and prospect for future missions
2019-02-11 (1 pm start)
Katie AuchettlNiels Bohr InstituteProbing quiescent black holes with tidal disruption events
Florian ReindlHEPHY and TU ViennaAnnual modulation searches for dark matter and the COSINUS experiment
Sylvia ZhuMPI for Gravitation Physics, PotsdamContinuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars and black holes
Andrea PalladinoDESYIceCube Neutrinos from Hadronically Powered Gamma-Ray Galaxies
Vaidehi PaliyaDESYThe Extragalactic Background Light in the Fermi-LAT Era
2018-12-06 (@1pm)
Mauricio BustamanteNiels Bohr Institute, CopenhagenPushing the Energy and Cosmic Frontiers with High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos
Masaru ShibataAEI, Potsdam GW170817, neutron star merger, and numerical relativity


Matteo CerrutiBarcelonaPhotons, neutrinos and cosmic rays from AGNs; or, what did we learn from IceCube-170922A / TXS0506+056?
Paula Sánchez-SáezUniversity of ChileCharacterization of AGN variability in the optical and near infrared regimes
2018-10-26 @2pm
T. Kobayashi, M. ShiozawaIPNSStatus and prospect of T2K and J-PARC beam, The Hyper-Kamiokande project
Tarek HassanDESYConstraining very-high-energy and optical emission of Fast Radio Bursts with IACTs.
Zeljka BosnjakUniversity of ZagrebModelling of gamma ray bursts and predictions for CTA observations

2018-09-14 @1pm

Marcus KirschESOC

Operational perspectives for the next decade of ESAs X-ray observatory XMM-Newton

Andzei DrukierOKC, Neutrino Geology Inc.Paleo-Detectors of Neutrinos and Dark Matter
Felicia KraussAPI/GRAPPAMultimessenger observations of blazars
2018-08-24 (3pm)
Shigeo KimuraPennsylvania State UniversityHigh-energy emissions from neutron star mergers
2018-08-23 (2pm)
David KaplanUW-MilwaukeeProbing Stellar Evolution, Dynamics, and Fundamental Physics with Millisecond Pulsar Binaries
Ben ZitzerMcGillDark Matter Searches with VERITAS
Summer Blot, Marcel UsnerDESYSummary of Neutrino 2018
Ralph BirdUCLATeV J2032+4130 and PSR J2032+4127/ MT91 213 - An Unidentified TeV Source and 50 Year Period Binary
DESYEnlarging the population of non-thermal X-ray pulsars
Sera MarkoffAPI/GRAPPAAnd then there was light: what makes astrophysical jets radiate?
Justine DevinMontpellierSupernova remnants and pulsar wind nebulae at high and very high energies
Kathrin ValeriusKITProbing the neutrino mass scale with KATRIN
2018-04-20 (2pm)
Andrea PalladinoDESYA Multi-Component Model for the Observed Astrophysical Neutrinos
Michael UngerKITUltrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays and the Galactic Magnetic Field
Ondrej PejchaCharles
University, Prague
Explosive deaths of stars: core-collapse supernovae
and stellar mergers



Henrike FleischhackMTURecent Results from HAWC

2018-02-23 (@4.00pm)

Jungyeon ChoChungnum Univ, South KoreaAlfvenic turbulence and magnetic field measurement
2018-02-23 (@10:30am)
Markus AhlersNBIDeciphering Cosmic Neutrinos with Multi-Messenger Astronomy
Thomas KupferCaltech

The systematic search for gravitational wave sources using optical time domain surveys

Rubén López CotoINFN-PadovaAre you living inside a bubble? The answer from nearby pulsars
DESYThe birth of multi-messenger astronomy with neutrinos? The case of TXS 0506+056
Noam LibeskindAIPThe local universe and the environment of the local group
University of PotsdamThe end of the cosmic-ray electron spectrum?
Markus HollerUniversity of InnsbruckResolving the Crab Nebula in TeV gamma-rays with H.E.S.S.
Jürgen BrunnerCPPM, MarseilleProtvino to ORCA
Carmelo EvoliGran Sasso Science InstituteRecent Results in Galactic Cosmic Ray Physics and Their Interpretation
DESYEnergy Spectra Cut-Offs as a Probe of the Accelerator
Alberto DominguezUCMAll the Light There Ever Was
Rasmus Westphal RasmussenDESYAstrophysical neutrinos flavored with Beyond the Standard Model physics

Shigeru Yoshida (2pm)

Chiba UniversityWhat have we learned about the sources of ultra-high energy cosmic rays via neutrino astronomy?
Hideaki Takabe (10am)HZDRHigh-speed plasma flow, plasma instabilities, and formation of astrophysical shock waves in laboratory with big laser facilities.
Achim Stahl RWTH AachenNeutrino Oscillation Experiments (academic training week)
John KirkMPIK

Inductive spikes from the Crab Nebula

Ben ShappeeCarnegie ObservatoriesThe All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae
DESYSpatio-temporal evolution of the nonresonant instability in shock precursors of young supernova remnants
21.7 - 1.9 - Summer break

ICRC recap (in SR3)- γ-rays, neutrinos, cosmic rays

Luigi Costamante
ASI Rome
On the origin of gamma-rays in Blazars
Roland DiehlMPECosmic gamma-ray line astrophysics (pdf)
Fabian KislatWUSTL

X-ray and Gamma-ray Polarimetry: A New Look at the High-Energy Universe

Special seminar at 1pm in SR1 (pdf)

Anne LemiereAPCThe Galactic Center at very high energy with H.E.S.S. (pdf)
Jorge IbsenESOALMA software. Present Status and Future Developments. (in SR3 at 2pm)
German Gomez-VargasUCGravitino dark matter in astroparticle data
Christoph PfrommerAIPHow cosmic rays shape galaxies
Dmitry MalyshevECAPGalactic center gamma-ray excess: modeling uncertainties and interpretations (slides)
Kohta MurasePenn State UniversityCosmic-Ray Reservoirs as Multi-Messenger Sources (highlight talk from NEUCOS Workshop)
Matthias BeilickeBe-ConsultingCadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detectors and their application in X-ray astrophysics - from imaging to polarimetry (pdf)

Multi-messenger particle astrophysics (in SR3)

(extended breakfast from 10-11 with the Scientific Council and DESY directorate, everybody invited)

Irene TamborraNiels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
Vivien RaymondAlbert Einstein Institute, PotsdamStudying gravitational waves with LIGO (slides)
Eric CharlesSLAC

Searches for Dark Matter with the Fermi Large Area Telescope (slides)

Daniele GaggeroUniversity of AmsterdamAnalyzing diffuse gamma rays to understand the physics of cosmic-ray propagation (slides)
Regina Caputo


 All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO): Extending Fermi-LAT Discoveries into MeV Gamma-ray Astronomy 
Norbert WernerEötvös Loránd University, BudapestBlack holes, chemical enrichment, and the physics of the intergalactic medium
Utente Sconosciuto (anatoli.fedynitch)DESYThe state of the art in atmospheric neutrino calculations
DESYCosmogenic neutrinos challenge the proton dip model (in SR3)
DESYSterile neutrino constraints with IceCube
ParticipantsDESYReport from the workshop “High energy neutrino and cosmic-ray astrophysics: The way forward”
Manuel MeyerOKCAstrophysical searches for axions and axionlike particles at gamma-ray energies (in SR3)
DESYCombined source-propagation models for UHECR nuclei


2016-12-16Ralf UlrichKITLHC data and cosmic ray interactions
2016-12-09Marina ManganaroIACGamma rays from the Universe’s middle age: pushing Very High Energy Astrophysics boundaries with MAGIC

Roberta Zanin

MPIKGamma-ray emission from Cyg X-1
2016-11-25Alessandro AiroTU Berlin

Studying the possibility of life on Mars on Earth

(Christmas seminar, start at 2pm in SR3, with Weihnachtsmarkt afterwards)

2016-11-18Antonia BevanUCLGas and Dust emission in SN 1987A
2016-11-11Jörg RachenRadboud University, Nijmegen
Towards a cosmological prior for extragalactic cosmic ray production
2016-11-04Tim HuegeKITRadio detection of cosmic ray air showers - achievements and future potential
2016-10-28DESYMeasurement of the Iron Spectrum in Cosmic Rays with VERITAS
2016-10-21Maxim BarkovDESYThe origin of the X-ray-emitting object moving away from PSR B1259-63 (SR3)
2016-10-14Elisabete Dal Pino
Particle acceleration by magnetic reconnection (SR3)
2016-10-07DESYThe H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Scan and New Perspectives on Pulsar Wind Nebulae with H.E.S.S. I and II
2016-09-23DESYMagic gamma-ray telescopes hunting for tau neutrinos (in SR4)
2016-09-09Stefan CoendersTUMIceCube point source analysis  (in SR4)
2016-07-01DESYIceCube Gen2 science
2016-06-17Shin'ichiro AndoGRAPPA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Gamma-Ray Background Tomography
2016-06-03Andrea PalladinoGSSI l'Aquila, Italy

A discussion on the recent high energy neutrino results

2016-05-27Anna NellesUniversity of California Irvine

ARIANNA: Radio detection of neutrinos on the Ross ice-shelf

2016-05-20Mauricio BustamanteCCAPP, Ohio State University, USAHigh-energy astrophysical neutrinos: testing ground for new physics
2016-05-13Chun-Sung JaoNational Central University, TaiwanFluid aspect and PIC simulation of streaming instability in electron-ion/electron-positron plasma
2016-04-29Oliver PorthUni FrankfurtModelling of Pulsar Wind Nebualae: Magnetohydrodynamics and particle transport

Sasha Weiss, Merlin Barschke, Marc Lehmann

TU BerlinSatellite development at the ILR Berlin  (this week in SR4)
2016-04-08Nayantara GuptaRRI Bangalore, IndiaHow many Galactic jets can explain the positron excess?
2016-03-11DESYThe second LAT catalog of flaring sources (pdf, odp)
2016-03-04Michael KachelriessNTNU, Norway

The Escape Model for Galactic Cosmic Rays: Diffuse Fluxes and the Role of Local Sources

2016-02-26Cecilia LunardiniArizona State University, USAStar formation and high energy neutrinos at IceCube: a correlation?
2016-02-12DESYElectron spectrum with MAGIC
2016-02-05DESYNeutrinos from Blazars
2016-01-29Martin WendtUni PotsdamStructures in the interstellar medium
2016-01-15DESYThe blazar S4 0954+65 / Gamma-rays and particle acceleration



Luigi Tibaldo


Tracing cosmic rays throughout the Milky Way with Fermi LAT data


Sara Buson

Uni Padova

The long trip of gamma rays: from the innermost regions of blazars through new physics



Neutrino Oszillations



Particle accelerators in our Galactic Neighbourhood



Neutrinos: Elusive New Messengers for Astro- and Geo-Sciences

2015-03-13 DPG

2015-03-25DESYNew Astroparticle Wiki on Confluence



Neutrino and cosmic-ray emission from multiple internal shocks in gamma-ray bursts

2015-04-10Kathrin EgbertsUni PotsdamDiffuse Galactic Gamma-Ray Emission with H.E.S.S.
2015-04-17Uni PotsdamParticle acceleration to high energy in astrophysics
2015-04-24Fabio IoccoUAM/CSIS MadridDark Matter in the Inner Galaxy
2015-05-08Jakob WalcherAIPThe delay time distributions of SNeIa and other fun things we can learn from advanced stellar populations studies of nearby galaxies
2015-05-22Justus ZornKIT

Preparation of an Extended Measurement Cycle of the Fluorescence Telescopes of the Pierre Auger Observatory


Jakob Nordin

HUDark energy at z>1 through SNe Ia in galaxy clusters.
2015-06-19Detlef ElstnerAIPDo magnetic fields influence gas rotation in galaxies
2015-06-26Stefano MorisiUniv. NepalesDark Matter and IceCube events connections
2015-07-03DESYVERITAS observations of exceptionally bright TeV flares from LS I +61 303
2015-07-10Arnab Dasgupta

IOP Bhubaneswar, India

Non-standard interactions in neutrino oscillations
2015-07-17 to 2015-08-14 Summer break
2015-08-28DESYReport from the ICRC -   neutrinos and cosmic rays

Report from the ICRC - gamma rays

2015-09-11Dan KocevskiGSPCAn overview of time-domain astrophysics with NASA's Fermi Spacecraft
2015-09-18Shri KulkarnCalTechThe Dynamic Universe: Palomar Transient Factory
2015-10-02Francesco MassaroUni TurinAssociating unidentified gamma-ray sources
2015-10-16Fabio ZandanelGrappaCosmic Rays from Clusters of Galaxies: Where are the Secondaries?
2015-10-30DESYCTA status and outlook
2015-11-13DESYSummary of two H.E.S.S. results: GC PeVatron and HESS J1641-463

Machine Learning and multivariate analysis techniques - 3PM and Christmas party at Zeuthen Weihnachtsmarkt after

2015-12-04Sajan KumarU DelawareGamma rays from the Supernova Remnants Cas A and IC 443
2015-12-11 Cornelia Müller Uni NijmegenMultiwavelength Studies of Extragalactic Jets with TANAMI
2015-12-18DESY transients meeting -  9:30 to 12:00 - Presentations by HESS, VERITAS, CTA, MAGIC, IceCube, ZTF, Fermi
2015-12-25 to 2016-01-8 Winter break

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Hot Extended Galaxy Halos around Local L* Galaxies from Sunyaev–Zeldovich Measurements

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