How To Setup Temperature Compensation 

step 1:
load slow-control data to detector. Temperature compensation software will extract LDA port numbers from this step.

step 2:
calibration tab.
"write_temp_info" must be on, folder must be correct. In this field: folder+first part of filename.
Press read (Temperatures).
this generates new file in the defined folder. This contains all port numbers, temperature values and voltages for all modules.

step 3:
On tab HV_adjust:
Bottom left: temperature reference file (newly created now).
press: bottom right: "save_latest_temperature_file as reference".
In the folder there should be now a new reference file.
Set the reference temperature: Usually 25degreesC (do not change value). Press "set" next to value.
temperature reference file is now there and defined.

step 4:
On HV adjust tab: Read all HV adjust settings (press read buttons at least twice).
Check if file for temp/iDAC settings exists.
This file contains for all modules/port-numbers the slopes temp/o.5*iDAC. Value in current prototype: 0.343 degrees per half-DAC-tic.
Top right: create new HV setting file: Specify folder name + first part of filename. Only the folder changes, usually.
If needed: modify the dtemp-dV setting file by hand with the actual settings.
Press "set dt/dV" (main Labview, HV adjust tab, right part)

step 5:
press (bottom): "Make HV reference from current value"-button. Creates corrent assignment port-number- HV setting - slope. Creates a file: "HV_adjust_reference.txt".
In this file: Put all HV adjust settings manually to 25∞C values, which are depicted in the passports. Make sure that for all layers/modules there are sensible values (no "0", "255" or similar). All HV-adjust settings should be between 20 and 90. In order to save the modified file, the Labview has to be stopped.

step 6:
Press "Create new HV setting file" after defining path and first part of name. It takes a while. Two new HV-adjust files will be generated, one with the name ending "...latest".

step 7:
Click "Adjust" after defining the newest "HV-adjust-latest" file from step 6.

step 8:
full procedure in one knob (if all reference files exist and are correct): Press "set and read all HV adjust" on tab HV Adjust (right side). Creates new adjustment files, but no new reference files.

step 9:
In tab "Take Data" enable button "Temp. Compensation" and how often in time adjustment shall be done.
Labview measures e.g. every 30min the temperatures, and adjusts HV settings according to the reference file settings.

Attention! HV adjustment is only run in the beginning of a new run, NOT during the run

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