This software is used to perform the gain calibration and the pedestal offset calibration of the detector when running in laboratory mode with forced trigger conditions (standard LED runs). 

This code is mostly useful when one want to perform the gain calibration or pedestal calibration for small setups or groups that begin to handle the AHCAL setup since it only needs a root installation.

The code is available via git: 

If there is any modification needed to the current software that is relevant for the current prototype, please contact Lan ( ), Eldwan ( ) or Adrian ( ) or ask (to any of them) to be on the developer list for the svn. If you are only interested in a short review of the code or into an introduction to the main calice software (based on Marlin), please visit this other page

The standalone repository might not follow all the changes included in the main Calice software repository: use it carefully. 

The standalone code is divided in several parts

It is important to notice that this code is intended mainly to study standard LED calibration runs taken in Lab mode (forced trigger).

The only requirement to run it is to have root installed (the code is tested in latest versions of root 5) with enabled fftw3 libraries (see root installation instructions). and standard compilers (required by root, in any case). 

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