Make a DWC collection with DWC processor.

    <processor name="myDWCProcessor"/>

<processor name="myDWCProcessor" type="DWCProcessor">
    <parameter name="InputCollectionNameBIF" type="string"> BIFData </parameter>
    <parameter name="OutputCollectionNameDWC" type="string"> DWCData </parameter>
    <parameter name="InputFileNameBIF" type="string"> /pnfs/ </parameter>
    <parameter name="InputFileNameAHCAL" type="string"> /pnfs/ </parameter>
    <parameter name="InputFileNameDWC" type="string"> /pnfs/ </parameter>

Five Parameters:

  1. InputCollectionNameBIF
    The name of input BIF collection. The one created by Event Builder.
  2. OutputCollectionNameDWC
    The name of output DWC Collection.
  3. InputFileNameBIF
    The full path of the BIF raw file corresponding to the processing run.
  4. InputFileNameAHCAL
    The full path of the AHCAL raw file corresponding to the processing run.
  5. InputFileNameDWC
    The full path of the DWC root file corresponding to the processing run.

The output collection created by the DWC processor contains 4 float values: segment x/y, slope x/y (mm).

Root tree writer.

<processor name="HcalRootTreeWriter_HCAL" type="RootTreeWriter">
    <parameter name="DwcWriteEngine_enable" type="int"> 1 </parameter>
    <parameter name="DwcWriteEngine_prefix" type="string"> dwc_ </parameter>
    <parameter name="DwcWriteEngine_InCol" type="string"> DWCData </parameter>

DWC write engine writes down 5 branches.

  1. nTrack
    The number of tracks associated to the event.
  2. segmentX / segmentY
    The x and y position where the beam incident in the detector (mm).
    (warning) The position zero is at the center of DWC, not the AHCAL. (warning)
  3. slopeX / slopeY
    The slope of the track as the z increases.

The track is written as

x = \mathrm{segmentX} + \mathrm{slopeX} \times z\\ y = \mathrm{segmentY} + \mathrm{slopeY} \times z

Event display with track.

<processor name="MyEventDisplayProcessor" type="DEHEventDisplayProcessor">
    <parameter name="InputCollectionNameDWC" type="String"> DWCData </parameter>
    <parameter name="track_Draw" type="int"> 1 </parameter>
    <parameter name="trackOffsets" type="int"> -17.3896 23.8753 </parameter>

Parameter trackOffsets can be derived by fitting ahc_cogX : dwc_segmentX plot with linear function.

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