lcio files can be found under: /pnfs/

A list of all runs taken during the testbeam is stored in this google sheet: 
(this link only allows viewing, not editing and filtering → for filtering it's best to download the list via [File] → [Download as] and open the file in your favorite spreadsheet software)

The list has been filled by the testbeam shift crews in May and June 2018. There exists a tab (lower left corner) for the May runs and for the June runs respectively. 

Column description: 

  • Date: Date of data taking
  • RunType: 
    • Standard: A 'standard' run is a run for which the shift crew was confident that all settings were set correctly. These runs should be used for analysis. 
    • LED: Short and long LED runs are marked
    • Other run types can include empty (= no beam or short data taking due to wrong settings), tuning (= beam tuning), skipped (= run number was skipped, i.e. because wire chamber synchronization was off), unusable (= shift crew checked run and decided it should not be used for different reasons), test (= testing of settings), comics (= no beam), etc
  • RunNumber
  • ParticleType: e-, e+, mu-, or pi-
  • BeamEnergyGeV
  • ROCs: Read out circles, as displayed in EUDAQ
  • Events: Number of Events, as displayed in EUDAQ
  • PowerPulsing: Run taken with (yes) or without (no) PP
  • Comments: Various comments, including detector position
  • OfflineQualityCheck: Flag for offline data quality check performed after the testbeam
    • good: Run fulfills criteria for a 'good' run (see criteria below) → run can be used for analysis, but of course always convince yourself that the data is fine
    • check: Run does not fulfill criteria for 'good' run (see criteria below) → should be further investigated, might still be a good run for certain analysis
    • bad: Run clearly resulted in bad data quality → run should be used with caution 


For analysis best use runs with Runtype = 'standard' and OfflineQualityCheck = 'good' → filter the list for these criteria and for ParticleType and BeamEnergyGeV.

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