Steering Files

Steering file: steering_reco_withTailCatcher_2018juneCern.xml ; For E4DTimeSlopes and E4DTimeOffset the tag "ahc2_006" from TestbeamMay2018 is used.

Steering file: steering_reco_withTailCatcher_2018juneCern_dummy.xml ; which works with the dummy DB tags from above, everything else uses HEAD, except of E4DTimeSlopes and E4DTimeOffset with the tag "ahc2_006". Muon data looks ok with this steering file.

Due to a fix in the Module Connection / Module Location DB collections, the option: userRealModuleNumber in the Ahc2CalibrateProcessor is no longer needed and should be set to false.

Offsets (from eLog):


    BIF Offset = 451685 ; LDA Offset = 14106

No PowerPulsing:

    BIF Offset = 67647 ; LDA Offset = 2106 

Event Display

Event display (needs to run on reconstructed data): steering_EventDisplay_2018JuneCERN.xml

export CED_PORT=7927


Marlin steering_EventDisplay.xml

If some problem occurs (GLXBadError), try to do


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