This page is about how to upload offset data to the conditions DB (as e.g., BIF offsets, AHCAL-HGCAL offsets for combined test beams, or Wire chamber offsets).

For uploading use the program "writeRunOffsetValue" (located in calice_cddata/dbfill , since CaliceSoft version 04-12 from Jan 2019). The data format of the input file has to be:

run <integer>, value <integer>, status <integer>

where run specifies the run number, value is the offset value and status may indicate whether the extraction of the value worked. An example script of how to use this program can be found here:

An example input file can be found here:  AhcalOffset.txt

In order to access these values from a processor the collection needs to be loaded into the geoConditions processor in the steering file. A minimal example processor that is accessing the information from the DB can be found here:  TestRunOffsets.tar
This includes an example steering file.

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