ILCSoft and CALICESoft have to be initialized.

Run Event Display
export CED_PORT=7927 
Marlin steering_EventDisplay.xml 
The CED_PORT should be the same as in the steering file.

An example steering file can be found here:

When you are outside Europe and want to use EventDisplay...

You will face a problem which movement of EventDisplay(CED) is too slow because it is distant from DESY. So the following method is recommended.

  1. Access this link :
  2. Input your User Name and pass of nafhh account and log in
  3. Create a XFCE window and start it
  4. Open terminal emulator
  5. Access naf-ilc machine (ssh -X naf-ilc)
  6. Move your working directory
  7. Execute the following commands

    run Event Display outside DESY
    export CED_PORT=XXXX
    ./myMarlin EventDisplay
  • In XFCE widow we must pay attention to US keyboard map.
  • We can use these commands in CED.

  • Once you can enter a XFCE window, you should be able to do.
    • If you face to these warnings, there is no solution for now.
    • If you can resolve this problem, please edit this page!
  • Successful environments (I know for now)
    • Mac(Google Chrome, Safari)
    • Windows(Firefox)
    • If you can do in other environments, please reedit.
  • When EventDisplay cannot be showed, confirm the following things.
    • The CED_PORT should be the same as in the steering file.
    • ILCSoft and CALICESoft have to be initialized.
    • Reconstructed slcio file have to be used as input file.
    • Popup blocker should be permitted.
    • If you face to some errors in running EventDisplay.xml, try these things.
      • Change CED_PORT number in both of "export CED_PORT=XXXX" command and EventDisplay.xml and execute glced&
      • Close the XFCE window and recreate another one.

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