DD4hep is a software framework for providing a complete solution for full detector description (geometry, materials, visualization, readout, alignment, calibration, etc...

source /cvmfs/ilc.desy.de/sw/x86_64_gcc49_sl6/v02-00-01/root/6.08.06/bin/thisroot.sh
source /cvmfs/ilc.desy.de/sw/x86_64_gcc49_sl6/v02-00-01/geant4/10.03.p02/bin/geant4.sh
  • Compilation :
mkdir build
cd build
make -j4
make install

If you want to run the simulation with your local dd4hep installation, make sure to source the dd4hep which you are using  : 

source <yourpath>/DD4hep/cmake/thisdd4hep.sh

before running your simulation check always the DD4hep directory you are using and the ddsim : 

echo $DD4hep_DIR 
echo $DD4hep_ROOT
which ddsim
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