This space is dedicated to the CALICE Software package.

Responsible persons

  • Katja Krueger <katja(dot)krueger(at)desy(dot)de>

Former Responsible persons

  • Eldwan Brianne <eldwan(dot)brianne(at)desy(dot).de>
  • Huong Tran Lan <huong(dot)lan(dot)tran(at)desy(dot)de>
  • Shaojun Lu <shaojun(dot)lu(at)desy(dot)de>
  • Christian Graf <cgraf(at)mpp(dot)mpg(dot)de>


SVN: (soon deprecated)

DESY Stash (git)

A Slack channel is available for developers, support and general talking

It is necessary to have an email to signup.

Issue tracking page


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