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These pages contain information  and operation instructions on the beam telescopes at the DESY II Test Beam. Part of the content was transferred here from the  twiki formerly accessible under (offline).

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Beam telescopes in test beam area


The DESY II Test Beam facility currently provides two EUDET-type beam telescopes to users, one installed at each beam line:

  • DATURA at TB21
  • DURANTA at TB22

EUDET-style beam telescopes are based on six layers of MIMOSA26 sensors, monolithic pixel sensors with a small pitch of 18.4μm, optimal for achieving an excellent track pointing resolution despite the moderate beam momenta of DESY II (≤ 6.3GeV). The active sensor area is approximately 1cm x 2cm.

The telescope system incorporates a trigger logic unit, the AIDA TLU, and there are four trigger scintillators available per telescope.

(Please note that the AIDA TLU's  predecessor, the EUDET TLU, is considered a legacy product by the team at DESY. We do not maintain them nor do we offer support for their use. Few partially broken units are available while stocks last.)

Dedicated runcontrol PCs are available in each test beam area and in each control hut (see network infrastructure).

The pre-installed DAQ sofware is EUDAQ2. Default scripts for standalone telescope operation are available. DUT integration is considered to be the users' responsibility.

(Also here, please note that we do not support EUDAQ(1) anymore. You can of course still install it yourself.)

Feel free to consult the instructions section to find helpful information on:

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