Other things (might help you)


[iwai@kek2-ui01 ~]$ voms-proxy-init -voms belle Enter GRID pass phrase: Your identity: /C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=Go Iwai Creating temporary proxy .................................................... Done Contacting voms.cc.kek.jp:15020 [/C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=host/voms.cc.kek.jp] "belle" Done Creating proxy ........................................................... Done Your proxy is valid until Fri Mar 26 20:46:23 2010 [iwai@kek2-ui01 ~]$ mkdir tmp [iwai@kek2-ui01 ~]$ cd tmp/ [iwai@kek2-ui01 tmp]$ export LFC_HOST=$(lcg-infosites --vo belle lfc) [iwai@kek2-ui01 tmp]$ photodir=/grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-25 [iwai@kek2-ui01 tmp]$ lfc-ls --comment $photodir P3250276.JPG Log of Laphroaig (1) - before drank P3250277.JPG Log of Laphroaig (2) - before drank P3250278.JPG Log before Tom drank P3250279.JPG Log before Go drank with Keiko-san (1) P3250280.JPG Log before Go drank with Keiko-san (2) P3250281.JPG Progress bar gets in 0% P3250282.JPG Log after Tom drank P3250283.JPG Log before Go drank (1) P3250284.JPG Log before Go drank (2) P3250285.JPG Thomas & Maciej P3250286.JPG Keiko-san P3250287.JPG I do not remember why I took this picture... P3250288.JPG Keiko-san is shaking a cocktail shaker P3250289.JPG Finish shaking P3250290.JPG Group photo with special guest Kengo from Univ. of Tsukuba P3250291.JPG Group photo with special guest Keiko-san [iwai@kek2-ui01 tmp]$ lfc-ls $photodir | while read f; do lcg-cp lfn://$photodir/$f $f; done [iwai@kek2-ui01 tmp]$ md5sum *.JPG 540236b5f5af5b95a35ffa68443ed435 P3250276.JPG f94e7f3399bcb077a73074de4ce2da35 P3250277.JPG 3e8b0b587ae0afcbfbc95c1d4a793d6e P3250278.JPG d51a539029f8aa679fade07566768017 P3250279.JPG fe9858133ced71033fe491bbcc101b09 P3250280.JPG eb7d015c2e6c5f550d7906bee604a5ac P3250281.JPG 18c94f40549bc34864f03adbcb76d73a P3250282.JPG 16c550d36ce2a564fcc6d3319ec685f6 P3250283.JPG d0c47afd714ce261ead2be2253cbb660 P3250284.JPG 655ad075ea1180bdf7c40adcefc076d8 P3250285.JPG ca5b1ef22f4910a09c96c7d2730814c1 P3250286.JPG dc8e7191ed9cb691e574f80fb29000f8 P3250287.JPG 7e9f4c0bd864003f12cddb7cb56064cc P3250288.JPG 3887248b1ebd4f833149a7fc2dbfef3e P3250289.JPG 09791cae604bccce46d4f914a0a46b6c P3250290.JPG 401b43f7f00b4da1a293bd52724b8827 P3250291.JPG


Output data

Since TURL (Transfer URL: scheme + :// + URI), e.g. gsiftp://ftp.org/some/where/data/file, or scheme://service/url/end/point, is dynamically allocated by SRM in the LCG (other computing infrastructure also), we usually specify TURL for our output data in our JDL. Instead, typical example that fits for most of your usecase are shown below:

OutputData = {
    OutputFile = "my_hist.root";
    LogicalFileName = "lfn:/grid/belle/users/iwai/my_hist${USER}_${HOSTNAME}.root";
    StorageElement = "kek2-se.cc.kek.jp";

Validity of voms proxy

Since we can find many incompatibilities between myproxy (A VO attribute in the proxy certificate is just extension, not standard.) and many grid services, it is not realistic approach. We have decided to exchange 14x security risk for 7 days validity of VOMS certificate. The maximum validity is 7 days (168 hours) so far - but note that it might be changed without prior notice.

$ voms-proxy-init -voms belle -valid 200:0 Enter GRID pass phrase: Your identity: /C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=Go Iwai Creating temporary proxy ........................................................................... Done Contacting voms.cc.kek.jp:15020 [/C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=host/voms.cc.kek.jp] "belle" Done Warning: voms.cc.kek.jp:15020: The validity of this VOMS AC in your proxy is shortened to 604800 seconds! Creating proxy ............................................ Done Your proxy is valid until Thu Apr 1 15:27:51 2010 $ voms-proxy-info -all subject : /C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=Go Iwai/CN=proxy issuer : /C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=Go Iwai identity : /C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=Go Iwai type : proxy strength : 1024 bits path : /tmp/x509up_u21286 timeleft : 199:59:57 === VO belle extension information === VO : belle subject : /C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=Go Iwai issuer : /C=JP/O=KEK/OU=CRC/CN=host/voms.cc.kek.jp attribute : /belle/Role=NULL/Capability=NULL attribute : /belle/kek/Role=NULL/Capability=NULL timeleft : 167:59:57 uri : voms.cc.kek.jp:15020

Download practice

$ voms-proxy-init -voms belle $ export LFC_HOST=$(lcg-infosites --vo belle lfc) $ echo $LFC_HOST kek2-lfc.cc.kek.jp $ lfc-ls -lR /grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course /grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course: drwxrwxr-x 4 109 102 0 Mar 24 07:54 2010-03-24 /grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24: -rw-rw-r-- 1 109 102 4217134 Mar 24 07:54 P3240272.JPG -rw-rw-r-- 1 109 102 4219165 Mar 24 07:54 P3240273.JPG -rw-rw-r-- 1 109 102 4464961 Mar 24 07:54 P3240274.JPG -rw-rw-r-- 1 109 102 4494168 Mar 24 07:54 P3240275.JPG $ lcg-cp --verbose lfn:/grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24/P3240272.JPG file://$PWD/P3240272.JPG Using grid catalog type: LFC Using grid catalog : kek2-lfc.cc.kek.jp VO name: belle Checksum type: None Trying SURL srm://kek2-se.cc.kek.jp/dpm/cc.kek.jp/home/belle/generated/2010-03-24/file3c7219ca-ee25-43fc-afd0-3433c285a6aa ... Source SE type: SRMv2 Source SRM Request Token: 772896ea-ca29-4f45-a706-d771041bb5e4 Source URL: /grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24/P3240272.JPG File size: 4217134 Source URL for copy: gsiftp://kek2-sedisk01.cc.kek.jp/kek2-sedisk01.cc.kek.jp:/storage/belle/2010-03-24/file3c7219ca-ee25-43fc-afd0-3433c285a6aa.295641.0 Destination URL: file:/home/ce/iwai/belle2/photo/tmp/P3240272.JPG # streams: 1 0 bytes 0.00 KB/sec avg 0.00 KB/sec inst Transfer took 1010 ms $ lcg-cp --verbose lfn:/grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24/P3240273.JPG file://$PWD/P3240273.JPG Using grid catalog type: LFC Using grid catalog : kek2-lfc.cc.kek.jp VO name: belle Checksum type: None Trying SURL srm://kek2-se.cc.kek.jp/dpm/cc.kek.jp/home/belle/generated/2010-03-24/file4778b394-7465-442c-82fe-b123a8c8d204 ... Source SE type: SRMv2 Source SRM Request Token: 4d47b65b-2a96-4ec6-81d9-d6e750d0c8a2 Source URL: /grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24/P3240273.JPG File size: 4219165 Source URL for copy: gsiftp://kek2-sedisk02.cc.kek.jp/kek2-sedisk02.cc.kek.jp:/storage/belle/2010-03-24/file4778b394-7465-442c-82fe-b123a8c8d204.295642.0 Destination URL: file:/home/ce/iwai/belle2/photo/tmp/P3240273.JPG # streams: 1 0 bytes 0.00 KB/sec avg 0.00 KB/sec inst Transfer took 1010 ms $ lcg-cp --verbose lfn:/grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24/P3240274.JPG file://$PWD/P3240274.JPG Using grid catalog type: LFC Using grid catalog : kek2-lfc.cc.kek.jp VO name: belle Checksum type: None Trying SURL srm://kek2-se.cc.kek.jp/dpm/cc.kek.jp/home/belle/generated/2010-03-24/file9001d89a-cddd-4f51-853f-e018d9013fe8 ... Source SE type: SRMv2 Source SRM Request Token: 8ab7de6e-15ea-4c3a-9f3d-db41397a5ef2 Source URL: /grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24/P3240274.JPG File size: 4464961 Source URL for copy: gsiftp://kek2-sedisk01.cc.kek.jp/kek2-sedisk01.cc.kek.jp:/storage/belle/2010-03-24/file9001d89a-cddd-4f51-853f-e018d9013fe8.295643.0 Destination URL: file:/home/ce/iwai/belle2/photo/tmp/P3240274.JPG # streams: 1 0 bytes 0.00 KB/sec avg 0.00 KB/sec inst Transfer took 1050 ms $ lcg-cp --verbose lfn:/grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24/P3240275.JPG file://$PWD/P3240275.JPG Using grid catalog type: LFC Using grid catalog : kek2-lfc.cc.kek.jp VO name: belle Checksum type: None Trying SURL srm://kek2-se.cc.kek.jp/dpm/cc.kek.jp/home/belle/generated/2010-03-24/filef3526cab-cf8e-4520-83d9-1005594b086c ... Source SE type: SRMv2 Source SRM Request Token: 1de0c923-cdef-4cf2-94ac-5331e2ac768b Source URL: /grid/belle/B2/1st_grid_training_course/2010-03-24/P3240275.JPG File size: 4494168 Source URL for copy: gsiftp://kek2-sedisk02.cc.kek.jp/kek2-sedisk02.cc.kek.jp:/storage/belle/2010-03-24/filef3526cab-cf8e-4520-83d9-1005594b086c.295644.0 Destination URL: file:/home/ce/iwai/belle2/photo/tmp/P3240275.JPG # streams: 1 0 bytes 0.00 KB/sec avg 0.00 KB/sec inst Transfer took 1010 ms

Platform for 1st Belle II gLite training course

Welcome to the 1st Belle II gLite training course! We have two kinds of platforms: Remote_machine_inside_Belle_Comp and Virtual_machine_on_your_laptop.

Remote machine inside Belle Computing System

If you have your personal account in the Belle Computing Facility, try to login bwgXX (replace XX two-digit-numerical-decimal-number as you like) as usual as your work by using your preferable ssh2-ready terminal. On Windows it is possible to use ssh in the command line. As a last choice one could download  putty.

$ ssh bwg04.kek.jp
iwai@bwg04's password: *********

Note: A password * is the one-time password generated at SecureMatrix

After logging-on bwgXX, you can access bgrid04 or its FQDN bgrid04.bnet.kek.jp via public key authentication. So - before trying ssh bgrid04, please make sure that a file authorized_keys is placed in $HOME/.ssh. See below to check it.

[iwai@bwg04 ~]$ cat $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa.pub >> $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

If you don't have a pair of key, i.e. id_rsa.pub and id_rsa, you can create it and copy id_rsa.pub to authorized_keys as shown below:

[iwai@bwg04 ~]$ ssh-keygen -t rsa
Generating public/private rsa key pair.
Enter file in which to save the key (/bwf/g04home/iwai/.ssh/id_rsa):
Created directory '/bwf/g04home/iwai/.ssh'.
Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):
Enter same passphrase again:
Your identification has been saved in /bwf/g04home/iwai/.ssh/id_rsa.
Your public key has been saved in /bwf/g04home/iwai/.ssh/id_rsa.pub.
The key fingerprint is:
07:1a:c1:57:00:04:1a:fb:cf:2a:73:43:89:c8:d9:f3 iwai@bgrid04
[iwai@bwg04 ~]$ cat $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa >> $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

OK - I hope you can login bgrid04 without any problem:

[iwai@bwg04 ~]$ ssh bgrid04
Last login: Wed Mar 24 00:52:50 2010 from bwg04.bnet.kek.jp

Please let me know (Go Iwai - I am in the seminar hall during training course) if you have encounter any problems.

Virtual machine on your laptop

You can work on the virtual machine also instead of remote machine bgrid04. In order to do this, install the latest VMware Player (version 3.0.1 as of 24 March 2010) in advance.

If you have installed the VMware Player, download a glite-ready image (~2GB/~30min) and decompress it with 7zip utility.

After decompressing SL48_glite31_20100323.7z, you should find a file SL48_glite31.vmx. If you are working on Windows series and VMware Player is installed, just double click a vmx file, i.e. SL48_glite31.vmx, to boot a virtual machine.

After booting linux, You will move on Gnome desktop window and logon as a user b2gtc whose password is #b2gtc#. You can work with root privilege via sudo command without password. Also you can work as root whose password is set pass1234.

Operation check (commonly works both on a virtual machine and a remote machine, bgrid04)

$ lcg-infosites --vo belle all

The output starts with:

#CPU Free Total Jobs Running Waiting ComputingElement ---------------------------------------------------------- 248 3 0 0 0 agh5.atlas.unimelb.edu.au:8443/cream-pbs-belle 248 3 0 0 0 agh2.atlas.unimelb.edu.au:2119/jobmanager-lcgpbs-belle 2000 427 0 0 444444 ce.cyf-kr.edu.pl:2119/jobmanager-pbs-belle 8471 285 0 0 0 cream-2-fzk.gridka.de:8443/cream-pbs-belleL 8471 285 0 0 0 cream-1-fzk.gridka.de:8443/cream-pbs-belleL 8471 285 0 0 0 cream-2-fzk.gridka.de:8443/cream-pbs-belleS 8471 285 0 0 0 cream-1-fzk.gridka.de:8443/cream-pbs-belleS 8471 285 0 0 0 cream-1-fzk.gridka.de:8443/cream-pbs-belleXL ..snip

And end with:

Avail Space(Kb) Used Space(Kb) Type SEs ---------------------------------------------------------- 170090471 283704699216 n.a agh3.atlas.unimelb.edu.au 6728227119 22527227567 n.a dpm.cyf-kr.edu.pl 1910857576 5082997543 n.a dg24.cc.kek.jp 3770981285 4733053960 n.a kek2-se.cc.kek.jp 269710000 33000936 n.a lcgse.hepl.phys.nagoya-u.ac.jp 1960123 152905 n.a se0.sdfarm.kr 5937792287 n.a n.a grid-srm.rzg.mpg.de n.a n.a n.a dpm1.egee.cesnet.cz 1072119942 27391686 n.a dcache.ijs.si 1 1 n.a srm.grid.sinica.edu.tw 5050000 54010000 n.a dpm01.grid.sinica.edu.tw

Other further hands-on works are going to be covered in the main module of the training course given by Tom.

Expected QAs

Why don't we use glite3.2 on CentOS version 5?

I don't have a personal account in Belle Computing System, but I want to work on there, bgrid04.

Can we work on a virtual machine outside of KEK?

What is a password for a user b2gtc?

What is a password for a user root?

What is a passphrase for my personal certificate?

I forgot it...

Q. How can we export my personal certificate to the PKCS#12 that can be imported in my browser?

A. $ openssl pkcs12 -export -in usercert.pem -inkey userkey.pem -certfile 617ff41b.0 -name "John Doe" -out usercert.p12

I am using Google Crome...

I can't connect Wi-Fi network 'tsubaki' in the seminar hall, Bldg. #3 (Pronunciation: Sun-Go-Quan).


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