• Potoroz 2023 (11-14 April, Potoroz, Slovenia)
    Christoph Schwanda "Experimental flavor physics overview" (invited)
  • Dark Matter 2023 (DM2023) (29 March - 1 April, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, US)
    Steven H. Robertson "Dark Sector Physics at Belle II" (invited)
  • ALPS 2023 (26-31 March, Obergurgl, Austria)
    Navid Khandan Rad "Tau physics at Belle II" (plenary)
    Henrik Junkerkalefeld "Lepton flavour universality searches and prospects in B meson decays at Belle II" (plenary)
    Giulio Dujany "Latest results on B→Knunu" (plenary)
    Zuzana Gruberova "Searches for lepton flavor universality violation in tau decay" (invited)
    Stefano Moneta "Searches for B→Knunu process" (invited)
  • XXX International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering (DIS2023) (27-31 March, East Lansing, Michigan, US)
    Robert Volpe "Recent results related to anomalies at Belle II" (invited)
    Alessandro Boschetti "Recent quarkonium results at Belle II" (invited)
  • 2023 Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics - Prospecting for New Physics through Flavor, Dark Matter, and Machine Learning (Aspen 2023) (26-31 March, Aspen, Colorado, US)
    Ezio Torassa "Dark-sector physics at Belle II" (plenary)
    Micheal Roney "Overview of the Belle II physics progam (focus on heavy flavor)" (plenary)
  • Rencontres de Moriond - QCD & High Energy Interactions (MoriondQCD2023) (25 March - 1 April, La Thuile, Aosta Valley, IT)
    Valerio Bertacchi "Electroweak penguin, hadronic and time-dependent decays at Belle II" (plenary)
    Henrik Junkerkalefeld "Semileptonic B decays at at Belle II including b→c anomalies" (plenary)
    Michel Bertemes "Quarkonium and charm physics at Belle II" (plenary)
    Laura Zani "Dark sector and tau physics results at Belle II" (plenary)
  • Rencontres de Moriond - Electroweak Interactions & Unified Theories (MoriondEW2023) (18-25 March, La Thuile, Aosta Valley, IT)
    Christoph Schwanda "Semileptonic B decays at Belle II" (plenary)
    Cyrille Praz "Electroweak penguins and radiative decays at Belle II" (plenary)
    Michele Veronesi "Time-dependent CP violation results at Belle II" (plenary)
    Sagar Hazra "Hadronic B decays and charm at Belle II" (invited)
    Kazuki Kojima "Belle II results related to b→c anomalies" (invited)
    Sascha Dreyer "Dar sector and tau physics results at Belle II" (invited)
  • Les Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste (La Thuile 2023) (5-11 March, La Thuile, Aosta Valley, IT)
    Alexander Glazov "New results of the B→Knunubar search at Belle II" (plenary)
    Mirco Dorigo "Recent results from Belle II" (plenary)
    Peter Lewis "New results related to b→c anomalies in Belle II" (plenary)
  • The 5th KMI International Symposium (KMI2023) (20-21 February, Nagoya, JP)
    Michel Hernandez Villanueva "Tau physics at Belle II" (invited)
  • Lake Louise Winter Institute 2023 (LLWI 2023) (19-25 February, Lake Louise, Alberta, CA)
    Sascha Dreyer "Recent results on Dark-sector and tau lepton physics at Belle II" (plenary)
    Svenja Katharina Granderath "Recent results on semileptonic, radiative and electroweak penguins decays at Belle II" (plenary)
    Ryogo Okubo "Recent results on hadronic decays and CP violation at Belle II" (plenary)
  • New Physics Signals (NePSi2023) (15-17 February, Pisa, IT)
    Michael De Nuccio "Experimental search for axions and ALPS in Belle II (and B factories in general)" (invited)
  • International workshop on the origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry (CP2023) (12-17 February, Les Houches, FR)
    Radek Zlebcik "CP violation searches at Belle II" (invited)
  • Accomplishments and mysteries in quark flavor physics - 50th Anniversary of Kobayashi-Maskawa Theory (KM50) (11 February, KEK)
    Nanae Taniguchi "Plan of the Belle II experiment to further elucidate the KM mechanism (and beyond)" (invited)
  • 7th KEK Flavour-Factory Workshop (KEK-FF 2023) (9-10 February, KEK)
    Lu Cao "Measurements of |Vxb| at Belle II" (invited)
    Alexander Glazov "b->sl+l- at Belle II" (invited)
    Qi-Dong Zhou "R(D) and R(D*) measurements at Belle II" (invited)
    Yu Nakazawa "Recent results related to ph2 at Belle II" (invited)
    Peter Lewis "Inclusive R(X) measurement at Belle II" (invited)
    Yo Sato "Recent results from Belle II" (invited)
    Thibaud Humair "Time-dependent CPV measurements at Belle II" (invited)
    Yuki Sue "Hadronic vacuum polarization measurements at Belle II" (invited)
  • 59th International Meeting on Nuclear Physics (Bormio 2023) (23-27 January, Bormio)
    Giulia Casarosa "Recent results from Belle II" (invited)
    Alessandro Boschetti "Bottomonium physics at Belle II" (invited)

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