Conference Talks


  • Interplay between Particle and Astroparticle physics (Sep 7-11, Vienna, Austria) 
    Toru Iijima "The Belle II experiment" (invited talk)
    Enrico Graziani "Dark Sector at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Amy Rostomyan "Tau Physics at Belle II" (invited talk)
  • 6th International Workshop on Meson Physics (Jun 6-9, Krakow, Poland)
    Sookyung Choi   "Belle Ii status and prospects for exotic spectroscopy"
  • 10th International Workshop on Charm Physics (May 18-22, Mexico City, Mexico)
    Roy Briere   "Charm and XYZ Prospects at Belle II"
  • An Alpine LHC Physics Summit 2020 (Apr 13-18, Obergurgl, Austria)
    Alessandro Gaz 
    "Belle II status and Prospects" (invited opening talk)
  • Rencontres de  Moriond - Particle QCD & High Energy Interactions  (March 28-Apr 4, La Thuile, Italy)
    Ezio Torassa " Belle II First Results" (invited talk)
    Gianluca Inguglia "Dark Photon and Light Dark Matter at Belle II" (invited talk)
  • 14th Symposium on Sources and Detection of Dark Matter  (Mar 25-28, UCLA, Los Angeles. CA. USA)
    TBD  " Dark photon and light dark matter searches at BELLE II"
  • Prospecting for New Physics through Flavor, Dark Matter, and Machine Learning  (Mar 22-28, Aspen, CO, USA)
    Jan Strube  " Belle II Status and Prospects"
  • Rencontres de  Moriond - Electroweak Interactions & Unified Theories  (March 21-28, La Thuile, Italy)
    Marko Staric " Belle II first light: detector capabilities and analyses readiness" (invited talk)
  • Pablo Goldenzweig "First Belle II physics results with 10/fb" (invited talk)
  • 3rd World Summit on Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe (Mar 9-13, Point à Pitre, Guadeloupe Isl.)
    Michel Bertemes 
    " Dark Sector Searches at Belle II"
  • Rencontre de la Vallée d'Aoste  (Mar 8-14, La Thuile, Italy) CANCELLED
    Bostjan Golob "Future prospects in Flavour Physics with BELLE II" (invited talk)
    Takeo Higuchi "Belle II Status and first results" (invited talk)
  • The Moscow International School of Physics 2020   (Mar 3-9, Moscow, Russia)
    Thomas Czank  "Belle II Status and Prospects" (Young Physicists session)
  • The International Conference on Neutrino and Nuclear Physics 2020   (Feb 24-28, Cape Town, South Africa)
    Marcello Campajola   "Dark Matter Searches at Belle II" slides
  • Lake Louise Winter Institute  (Feb 9-15, Lake Louise, Canada)
    Tadeas Bilka
    "Belle II Status and Prospects" Slides
    Michael De Nuccio
    "First results on DM searches at Belle II" Slides
    Andreas Warburton
    "Semileptonic and leptonic B decays at Belle II" slides
    Ming-Chuan Chang  "Rare B decays at Belle II" Slides
  • Excited QCD 2020 (Feb 2-8, Krynica Zdrój, Poland)
    Kirill Chilikin "Quarkonium studies at Belle II"
  • 58th International Winter Conference on Nuclear Physics  (Jan 20-24, Bormio, Italy)
    Torben Ferber "Belle II status and Prospects" (invited talk) Slides
    Alberto Martini "LFV searches at Belle II"  Slides
    Thomas Kreatschmar "First Results and Prospects for τ lepton Physics at Belle II" Slides
  • International Conference on Neutrinos and Dark Matter (Jan 11-14, Hurgada, Egypt)
    Steven Robertson  
    "Dark Sector Physics with BABAR and Belle II" slides
  • XXVI Cracow EPIPHANY Conference on LHC Physics:SM and Beyond  (Jan 7-10, Cracow, Poland
    Boris Knysh" B->Kpipigamma analysis in the Belle II Experiment" (Young Physicist Talk) slides
    Szymon Bacher
    "Investigation of magnetic field inside Belle2 spectrometer" (Young Physicist Talk) slides
    Jakub Kandra "Alignment studies at Belle II Vertex detector (Young Physicist Talk)slides
    Riccardo Manfredi  "Diamond detectors for radiation monitoring and beam abort at Belle II"  (Young Physicist Talk)slides
    Zdenek Dolezal "Belle II status and Prospects" (invited talk)slides


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