Conference Talks


  • 20th Lomonosov Conference (19-25 August, Moscow, hybrid?)
    Eiasha Waheed "Latest results on beauty and charm hadron decay at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Ewan Hill "Latest results on the dark sector and tau physics at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Pavel Krokovny "The Belle II prospects for charmonium and bottomonium studies" (invited talk)
  • EPS-HEP 2021 (26-30 July, DESY, Remote)
    Carsten Niebuhr "Highlights from the Belle II experiment and Flavour Physics in e+e- annihilation" (invited talk)
  • PASCOS 2021 (26-30 July, DESY, Hybrid)
    Gagan Mohanty "Latest results from Belle and Belle II" (plenary talk)
  • FPCP 2021 (7-11 June, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, Hybrid)
    Laura Zani "Searching for New Physics in Belle II, BaBar and LHC using flavor: Z^prime, axion-like, potential, …" (invited talk)
    Minakshi Nayak  "Status and prospects at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Shun Watanuki "Lepton Flavor Universality measurements: RK, RK*" (invited talk)
  • LHCP 2021 (7-12 June, Paris, FR, Remote)
    Chris Hearty "Current experiments (Belle II and NA62): Dark sector" (invited talk)
    Justine Serrano  "Flavour Physics from non-LHC experiments" (invited talk)
    Frank Meier "Recent Belle II results and projections" (invited talk)
  • MOCa 2021 (Materia Oscura en Colombia) Workshop (8-9 June, Bogata, Columbia, Remote)
    Michel Bertemes "Dark sector searches at Belle II" (invited talk)
  • Invisibles workshop 2021 (31 May - 4 June, Madrid, ES, Remote)
    TBA "TBD" (plenary)
    TBA "TBD" (invited talk)
    TBA "TBD" (invited talk)
    TBA "TBD" (invited talk)
  • CHARM 2021 (31 May - 4 June, UNAM, Mexico City, MX, Remote)
    Roy Briere "Charm and XYZ prospects at Belle II" (plenary)
    Jitendra Kumar "Charm status and prospects at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Thomas Kraetzschmar "Tau physics prospects at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Youngmin Yook "Rediscovery of X(3872) at Belle II" (invited talk)
  • PHENO2021 (24-26 May, U. of Pittsburgh, US, Remote)
    Christoph Schwanda "Beauty physics from Belle II" (plenary)
    Chiara La Licata "The re-discover of the decays for CP violation measuremetns at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Guney Polat "Tau physics prospects at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Sebastiano Raiz "Charmless B decays at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Soumen Halder "Results and prosepects of radiative and electroweak penguins at Belle II" (invited talk)
    Cyrille Praz "Search for B->Knunubar" (invited talk)
    Katherine Dort "Dark sector searches at Belle II" (invited talk)
  • Beyond the Flavour Anomalies (20-22 April, Durham, UK, Remote)
    Salvomira Stefkova "Belle II Highlights and Prospects" (invited talk)
  • Mass in the Standard Model and Consequences of its Emergence Workshop (19-23 April, Trento, IT, Remote)
    Elisabetta Principe "Overview of recent results of Belle II" (invited talk)
  • APS-DPF Meeting (17-20 April, Sacramento, CA, USA, Remote)
    Angelo Di Canto "Recent world-leading results on Charm and Exotic b decays" (invited talk)
    Florian Bernlochner "Review of R(D(*)) results" (invited talk)
  • Experimental and theoretical status of and perspectives for XYZ states (12-16 April, GSI, DE, Remote)
    TBD "Belle(II) XYZ results in the B sector" (invited talk)
    Chengping Shen "Belle(II) XYZ results in the charm sector" (invited talk)
  • XXVIII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (12-16 April, Stony Brook U., US, Remote)
    Ashish Thampi "Charmonium and bottomonium at Belle II" (invited talk)
  • Rencontres de Moriond 2021 - QCD & High Energy Interactions (27 March - 3 April, La Thuile, Italy, Remote)
    Saurabh Sandilya "Latest results on beauty and charm hadron decay at Belle II" Slides
    Gianluca Inguglia "Latest results on the dark sector and tau physics at Belle II" Slides
  • Rencontres de Moriond 2021 - Electroweak Interactions & Unified Theories (20-27 March, La Thuile, Italy, Remote)
    Giacomo De Pietro "Dark sector searches at Belle II" Slides
    Filippo Dattola "Search for B+ => K+ nu nubar" Slides
    Navid Rad "Precision measurements of Vcb, D0 lifetime and tau mass" Slides
  • A Rainbow of Dark Sectors (22 March - 1 April, Aspen, CO, USA, Remote)
    Jan Strube "Dark sector physics at Belle II" Slides
  • QWG 2021 - The 14th International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium (15-19 March, UC Davis, CA, USA, Remote)
    Bryan Fulsom "Prospects of quarkonium studies at Belle II" Slides
  • La Thuile 2021 - Les Rencontres des Physiques de la Vallee d'Aoste (9-12 March, La Thuile, FR, Remote)
    Riccardo Manfredi "Measurement of charmless B decays at Belle II" Slides
    Ezio Torassa "Recent Results from Belle II" Slides
  • Epiphany 2021 (7-10 January 2021, Krakow, Poland, Remote)
    Sam Cunliffe "Overview of Belle II" (invited talk) Slides
    Stefano Moneta "Early Belle II measurements of the tau lifetime" Slides
    Janice Chen "Early Charmless measurements at Belle II" Slides
    Tristan Filinger "Detector simulation for a potential upgrade of the vertex detector of the Belle II experiment" (invited talk) Slides
    Michael De Nuccio "Search for Axion-like Particles at Belle II" Slides

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