The Belle II Membership Management System (B2MMS) was announced and presented at the 28B2GM at KEK in October 2017. Since January 2018 it is the exclusive source for Belle II authors, mailing, and voting.


All users who want to work in the context of the Belle II collaboration must register to the Belle II Membership Management System (B2MMS) to become so-called Belle II users. Users will obtain login credentials (account name / password) from the DESY registry which is good to access ALL Belle II collaborative services, including the B2MMS itself. Note: This is not a KEK account!

Becoming a Belle II user consists of two steps:

  1. The identity of the user must be proven (authentication).
  2. The permission to become a Belle II user must be given (authorization).

At the end of the process users will be informed by the DESY registry of the creation of the credentials (account name / password). Note: The approval workflow and the creation of the credentials takes one workday in CE(S)T.

If you have register once as a Belle II user, your record will remain even if your membership expires. Please never ever register again. Status and attributes of your record can be changed at any time; even after expiration or with a new institution. See Instructions for Users (login required).

Users who have an account from former work at DESY even outside Belle II (summer student, other group etc.), please register for Belle II and denote the account name in the account field. It will be reactivated/prepared.

If you are interested in using the DESY Analysis Facility (NAF) which provides computing and storage resources for inactive work as a complementary approach to the Grid, you have to apply for access by logging in with your DESY credentials here and clicking Apply to join the group for NAF 2.0. Your membership in Belle II is mandatory!

Everyone who works in the context of Belle II is a Belle II user and needs access to Belle II internals such as confluence, JIRA etc.. This includes official members of the Belle II collaboration (Belle II members) as well as students and technical staff. According to the by-laws the B2MMS provides different categories.

Belle II users are:

  • all official members of the Belle II collaboration usually physicists and PhD students (Belle II members)
  • temporary users such as students (if not official members),
  • technical staff,
  • visitors who need access to the Belle II collaborative services of non-Belle II institutions (Please choose the inviting institute as home).

Before you start please:

All services use an account name (not an email address).


  • Users who hold a valid Grid user certificate may use the registration by certificate.
  • Users without a Grid user certificate should contact the Institutional Board (IB) representative (IR) of their Belle II home institution who will invite the user to register. The user will then receive an email with temporary login details for the registration portal (those login details incl. password are NOT the final credentials to access the Belle II collaborative services!).


With successfully filling and sending the form via the portal, the user's part is done. The user will see a message such as "Request for Belle2 membership was created. Desired account name: ...". Please remind the account_name and initial password which was set! An email will be sent to the representative (IR) of the Belle II institution who must approve the request.

As soon as the registration request is approved by the IR, the user will be added to the B2MMS. The login credentials will be created in the DESY registry within the next work day. The user will be informed by email and will be asked to reset the initial password which he/she sets in the portal asap. Please obey the DESY Requirements for Account Names and Passwords .

The creation of the credentials is done within one work day in CE(S)T. You will need the account name and initial password shown in the portal to set a long-time password. You are then ready to use all Belle II collaborative services (B2CS) using this account name.


The registration as 'Physicist - permanent/staff' requires the approval of the institutional board (IB) on the basis of a formal application otherwise the request will be not be processed. Make sure to hand this in via your IR in before-hand! Please check the Belle II contacts web.

The DESY registry will use the names you have given as 'given middle family' and create email addresses such as and Make up your mind if you really want the middle name.

You are advised to check your membership record in the Belle II Membership Management System (B2MMS). See docu of the Belle II Membership Management System.

Please never ever register AGAIN or TWICE. A new registration does not extend or reset anything!

If you are unsure whether you have already registered, try to access the B2MMS where you will be asked to log in. To reset a lost password see the FAQ. Note: The password must be renewed after 6 month. You will be informed by email well in advance. Resetting a lost or missed password takes a few days.

Account names (string up to 8 numbers/characters) can not be changed!

If still unsure contact us at

If your institution has changed, review and change your record according to the Instructions for Users.

If you hold a DESY account from another project which is not enable for Belle II yet, register and denote your already existing account name.

Asian colleagues, please note the naming conventions:

  • first name = given name
  • last name = family name
  • A capital letter first followed by small letters
  • Example: Toru Iijima

Avoid YAHOO, GMAIL etc since they cause problems!!! Please use your email address at your home institution!!!

The account name is a case insensitive string of 4-8 characters. It is NOT an email address. Please chose a decent account name and please remember the initial password which is created for you when filling the portal You will need it when your account is ready. Please denote the DESY Requirements for Account Names and Passwords.

The DESY registry will use the names you have given as 'given middle family' and create email addresses such as and Make up your mind if you really want the middle name. The spaces will be transformed to dots!

Example: 'Nino de Angelo' will become '' and '' whereas 'Nino deAngelo' (no middle name) will end up in ''.

The creation of the credentials in the DESY registry will start after the IR has approved the request and will take workday. Keep in mind: DESY is on CE(S)T. Users will be informed on success and will be asked to login with the initial password and to set a new password.

The DESY password expires every 6 month; users will be informed early enough. Please don't ignore the notification. Consider to use a password safe!


Belle II Registration By Invitation

  • If you were invited and have received an email with a temporary Username / Password, go to the Registration Portal (note the hint on your right). The invitation login is allows to register ONLY; it is does NOT allow to access any Belle II services.

Belle II Registration with a Grid User Certificate

REMEMBER the password for you initial login!

DESY Analysis Facility (NAF)

DESY operates an Analysis Facility (NAF) which provides computing resources for Belle II analysis. In order to gain access to those resources please refer to Belle II Requesting Additional Resource Access (login required).

Additional Groups

Accounts and groups are managed by the DESY registry. By default all user accounts are associated with the main Belle II group. If additional groups are needed please contact

KEK Registration

If you need the KEKCC, VPN, KDS accounts issued by the KEK computing center, please go back to Belle II Newcomers#KEKRegistration.

Instructions to register with the DAQ Rocket.Chat service can be found in the DAQ WebHome.

Belle VO (Virtual Organization) and DIRAC user Registration

If you want to use the Belle II Grid infrastructure, please go to Getting started on GRID (this page requires a login).

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