Belle II membership

In order to become a member of the Belle II collaboration refer to NewComers and read ahed! After that, in order to access the Belle II collaborative services and tools, which are hosted at DESY, you need credentials (account / password). The procedure to obtain these credentials is described Belle II Grid Certificate based Registration Procedure. Please continue to read this page carefully and also consider the tips and warnings on the right before you proceed.

Note: Your account will be good for all services and tools, e.g. confluence, JIRA, etc..

Registration procedure

The standard  Belle II Registration procedure for official Belle II members is based on Grid user certificates. Step-by-step instructions to obtain and use Grid user certificates are in the lower part of this page. There are other possibilities though to register without a Grid user certificate. Please read ahead:


Belle II collaborators, who have (had) already a DESY account, may want to try out whether their account has already been (re-)enabled for Belle II by trying to log into Then use the Belle II Paper-based Registration and denote your already existing account. In case of problems, please contact See also the tips and warnings on the right side.

Belle II collaborators, who hold a Grid user certificates and are in the Belle II members list can go directly to the registration portal. Make sure the name fields are filled correctly (see tips and warnings on the right) and your e-mail address is consistent with the Belle II members list.

Alternatively, in particular for users who are not (yet) in the Belle II members list, a paper-based registration procedure is available.The two main steps of authentication ('Who are you?') and authorization ('Are you in Belle II?') have to be carried out manually. Therefore it will require more work from your side and from the administrators in your and our institute. Hence, we would like to strongly encourage you again to go for the Grid user certificate based registration since you will need this certificate later on for accessing data and submitting jobs in the Belle II Grid anyway. See Belle II Paper-based Registration.

Students of Belle II who are not (yet)  in the Belle II members list must use the Belle II Paper-based Registration. Make sure the form is signed by your institute representative!

B2TiP (non-Belle II) members of the Belle II theory platform (B2TiP) please refer to Belle II Registration for B2TiP Users. Belle II members should contact Phillip Urquijo and to become members of this special group.

External (non-Belle II) members who needed access please refer to Belle II Registration for External Users.

Account creation

After your account has been created (it takes a few hours) you get further instructions by e-mail. Attention: Make sure the confirmation e-mail do not end up in SPAM filters! After that you have to change your initial password within the next 5 days on

Your account is good for the Belle II internal web pages, the wiki (confluence), the issue tracker (jira), the GIT repository (stash), the build tool (bamboo), and the Mailing Lists .

Computing ressources (NAF)

DESY operates an Analysis Facility (NAF) which provides computing resources for Belle II users. In order to gain access to those resources please refer to Belle II Requesting Additional Resource Access.

You may find more answers in the (FAQ) section.

You have questions concerning your e-mail addresses? Please check Belle II E-mail Addresses .

Make sure all names are reasonable. The portal might take unreasonable entries from your Grid user certificate, e.g. numbers or e-mail addresses in the name fields. The order of given / family name might be different, e.g. in Asia. Please correct, if needed.

Also make sure your e-mail address is consistent with the one on the Belle II member list and if applicable in the VOMS server.

Please obey the DESY password rules here. In particular please do not use name or account as part of the password.

After your new account is activated you get notified by e-mail (after a few hours). Change your initial password in time! Do not register again! One account / password is valid for for all resources!

Users who have already a DESY account (even an expired one) may want to try out first if they can use the the account. If in doubt, contact . Please do not register via the portal!

On any rate, never register twice as long as you are not explicitly asked for.

Please be reminded that users are liable to the 'Conditions of Use for Information-Processing Systems at DESY' which everybody signed when requesting credentials. In particular Article 5 Users’ Rights and Duties, section f:

Users are obliged to ensure that no other persons gain knowledge of user passwords and to take care to ensure that no unauthorised persons gain access to the information-processing systems,  this also includes protecting access by a password that must be kept secret and which meets the requirements for DESY passwords (“DESY- Passwortregeln”).

In essence: Keep your password private.

At the bottom of the request portal you are asked to agree to the 'Conditions of Use for Information-Processing Systems at DESY'. The underlying document regulates the legal side of the usage of computers at DESY. The document is rather old and will be consolidated. Some links target on local users and are therefore internal. The document contains links to pages which are not relevant for abroad users, such as the local work council ''.

Known Issues

  • Unfortunately there is a VO '' which is obsolete. Please do NOT register with the VO 'ebbel2'org' but with 'belle' at .
  • Errors such as "SSL_ERROR_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE_ALERT" indicate missing certificates in your browser. Please make sure that you have a valid Grid user certificate in your browser:
  • Firefox: Preferences /  Advanced / Certificates / View Certificates / Your Certificate

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