Welcome to the Belle II wiki pages. Only the Belle II Public WebHome page can be viewed publicly without login. In order to access the Belle II Internal WebHome, users need credentials to login. Please refer to Belle II User Registration. 

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2018-05-25 DESY Data Privacy Policy

As of 25 May 2018 the DESY Data Privacy Policy is mandatory due to regulations of the European Union.

The three most frequent user issues:

  1. New members: Belle II User Registration (open)
  2. Expired/lost password: b2-helpdesk_AT_belle2.org (NOT uco_AT_desy.de). See Belle II Registration and Account FAQ (open)
  3. Collaborative services:  Belle II Collaborative Services and Tools (login)

2019-02-19 Belle II Indico

In order to make use of the new Belle II Indico Instructions make sure you log in to indico.belle2.org with your DESY credentials (Login with ldap using your account name). You will then become part of the Indico  Belle II group which allows you to view the agendas.

2018-05-28 Group Pages

We have created a top page Belle II Group Pages under which Belle II communities or groups may set up own pages.

Becoming a Belle II Member and Getting Access to the Belle II Collaborative Services and Tools

In order to gain access to the DESY analysis facility (NAF)  consider Belle II Requesting Additional Resource Access (login).

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