How to use subversion (SVN) for the B2TiP report

Checking out the latest files

The latest version of the complete set of the latex files can be retrieved from the SVN repository with the command:

# svn checkout

You will then find a working copy of the files in your current directory. If you don’t have an account for, please contact Phillip Urquijo.


Updating WG chapters

Files for each WG can be found in b2tip/WG1/, b2tip/WG2/, etc. Please update body.tex in your WG directory. The file “standalone.tex” can be used to compile a WG chapter alone, while the main latex file that is used to compile all chapters of the report is Main/b2tip-main.tex.

To add a new file, please use the add command prior to committing updates to the repository:

# svn add <your new file>

while the deletion of a file can be done with

# svn delete <your unnecessary file>


Committing to the repository

Before committing your changes to the repository, please bring the up-to-date version of the files from the repository into your working copy:

# svn update

The updates are done in your current directory. If there is a conflict between the files in the repository and those in your working copy, you have to resolve it. You can check differences between the repository and the working copy with the following commands:

# svn diff

# svn status

After resolving all the conflicts, you can commit your changes to the repository:

# svn commit -m “your commit message"

If you’d like to commit only a particular file, you can do it with

# svn commit <file> -m “your commit message"

The commit history can be checked with the command:

# svn log


Help for SVN

The list of available subcommands for the svn command can be checked with

# svn help

To see a help for each subcommand, please use

# svn help <subcommand>

-- SatoshiMishima - 2016-05-03

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