Welcome to the Belle II wiki pages. Only the Belle II Public WebHome page can be viewed publicly without login. In order to access the Belle II Internal WebHome, users need credentials to login. Please refer to Belle II User Registration. 

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Please take note of the DESY Data Privacy Policy. As of 25 May 2018 it is mandatory due to regulations of the European Union.

Maintenance and trouble announcements for the DESY infrastructure incl. the ATLASSIAN tools are posted at it-news.desy.de . Please note that the time of day is given in CET resp. CEST.

Since January 2018 the Belle II Membership Management System (B2MMS) is the source for the Belle II members, authors, and voting lists! The collaboration Email list is exclusively generated from the B2MMS. See also the Belle II Registration FAQ.

  • Belle II Support Contacts (login required)

  • Email: b2-helpdesk_AT_belle2.org (for any question regarding the Belle II collaborative services incl. the B2MMS)
  • Email: b2-registration-support_AT_belle2.org (for questions regarding registration or account)
  • Email: b2-wiki-support_AT_belle2.org (for questions regarding the wiki/confluence)

  • Change password exclusively on password.desy.de BEFORE it expires. Never register again! See Belle II Registration FAQ.

  • Email: usersoffice_AT_mail.kek.jp (KEK account)

  • your _AT_belle2.org email address in your B2MMS personal record at the bottom.

Do you have already DESY credentials to login to the Belle II collaborative services? Try to login at the top right. If not, see instructions below. There is also the page Belle II Registration FAQ.

You may find your _AT_belle2.org email address in your B2MMS personal record at the bottom! Note that the addresses are bound to your account in the DESY registry and are NOT updated when names are changed in the B2MMS.

The collaboration email list is automatically and regularly generated from the Belle II Membership Management System (B2MMS). If necessary, change your email address in the B2MMS.

Becoming a Belle II Member and Getting Access to the Belle II Collaborative Services and Tools

In order to make use of the Belle II collaborative services (B2CS), users must become Belle II members in the Belle II Membership Management System (b2MMS). The request for membership includes requesting login credentials from DESY. They are good for ALL Belle II services at DESY but are completely independent of any KEK account. Please refer to the Belle II User Registration. Also see Belle II Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) / Trouble Shooting.

In order to gain access the the DESY analysis facility (NAF)  consider Belle II Requesting Additional Resource Access (login required).

Belle II maintains a set of Communication Tools. Most of them are directly available with the DESY login credentials.

Belle II Wiki

The content of the former KEK Belle II Twiki is now on two pages. The publicly viewable Belle II Public WebHome and the restricted Belle II Internal WebHome. The latter is visible to Belle II users only. Please find the login at the top right and use your Belle II account.

If you need technical support on confluence beyond the documentation, please contact the e-mail address b2-helpdesk_AT_belle2.org.

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