Here are some hints to install Altium on your Desktop.

If you want to use Altium Nexus with the DESY Content Server you need a registration in the Group altiumuser. Please send a Mail to or to UCO, to request this.

Step-by-step guide

  1. The Installationsbatch you could find under S:\services\Software\Altium (please don't go further down).
  2. Please choose here the Version to Install

  3. After that a automated install start's.
  4. After the installationprocess a startup button will be placed on the Windows Desktop.

    Please start only over this button. It will trigger some startupscripts.

  5. After the first start Altium will start with this empty Window. Please press here cancel and start again over the Desktop startup button.

  6. After a second startup over the Desktop button, Altium will start without any problems.
  7. Optional: If you get an Critical Failure at startup, please follow this Articel: Fix Critical Failure at Startup