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KPiX Analysis

New analysis code with new data handler

The instructions see here:

The code is available on our experiment branch from the github.

To understand how the algorithm of the analysis code, please see the google document here:

For Marcel

To produce the noise plots that I made use the following lines

on aida2020-kpix1:

cd /home/lycoris-dev/KPiX-Analysis/

./bin/ymlCalibrationFitter [YOUR_CALIBRATION_FILE]



The resulting root file will have the noise distribution and noise v position etc. plots.


Description: one needs EuTelescope to analyze the Mimosa telescope data before applying the GBL algorithm.


  • error! EuTelescope needs an old Marlin, who is linked against LCIO, which is built using ROOT DICT, and ROOT is linked against Recently ( ) the CVMFS ROOT enviroment setup code did not setup the tbb libs, so you need to setup manually.

Installation via Docker hub

  • EuTelescope docker image see :
  • Please sudo docker pull the latest version#
  • How to run, open a terminator from your terminal:
    • sudo docker run -it -v [Your_data_dir]:/data [Your docker remote]/[Your repo]:[Your tag]

    • or : sudo docker run -it -v [Your_data_dir]:/data [Your Container ID]
    • the -v is to load your host pc directory to docker container, that you can process data using software from docker image, and produce data accessible outside docker.
    • [Your_data_dir] best to be the jobsub/ dir, where you can run the eutelescope code with your gear and your file, and the output will be produced in the same dir.
  • Useful Docker commands:
    • docker image ls – this will list all the installed docker images;
      • hint: if you forgot which repor and which tag it is, or if you are not sure if it is installed.
    • docker container prune – this will delete all exited/closed docker containers .
      • hint: please always cleanup the exited containers
  • Pro: no compilation, no dependency problem, no cvmfs, just a working code to process external telescope.
  • Con: you need to learn a bit Docker, just a bit.

Claus GBL Python Code

To run the PyGBL-sTriplet code, one needs the LCIO package installed against a local ROOT and a local Python version. See LCIO github repo :

Attention: by default LCIO is not installed against ROOT, please check the option for ROOT using "cmake -L" then "cmake -D[OPTION]=ON/OFF" to switch.

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