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All below experience based on ubuntu-18 OS

Net-Snmp control


  • net-snmp version > 5.8 (one has to download the source from net-snmp website and install it standalone)
    • why? from this version on, you have the -Op option to have extended precision of floating point variables.
  • dependencies: libperl-dev, libnet-snmp-perl


  • how to get extended precision of floating points?
    • use net-snmp version>5.8, and use option -Op.9 → equals to %.9d with printf

How-to install net-snmp 5.8 standalone

See how-to from Wiener's documentation:

  • download the source:
  • configure it
    • just accept the default values and forget about --with-install-prefix=$DIR – it does not work, will create such $DIR under the default /usr/local/
    • ### Configure
      $ ./configure
  • compile in a build dir
    • ### Compile (executable files saved at ./apps/)
      $ make
  • install to the prefix dir that you configured (optional)
    • ### Optinal installation of the compiled files to system folders (must be done as root user)
      # make install
    • Do not forget to add the prefix lib (default /usr/local/lib/) to your $LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your .bashrc so the new snmp commands can find its dependencies.

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