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Measurements from Hamamatsu

0) Specs of the SiD-OUTER-SSSD: SiD specsheet 071214.pdf

1) the bias resistance = "PolySi resistance"

   spec:10-50 Mohm/strip

   measurement result(170721 shipped): Max :  46.5     Min : 38.9      Ave :43.0  Mohm

2) the interstrip resistance and/or capacitance

  interstrip resistance(on the design)

   over 1Gohm  

  interstrip capacitance(We measured it at 2008/first shipment)

   Ave:  20.34 [pF/strip]

Interstrip capacitance measurement from Hamamatsu in 2018

Our measurement result is "Average: ~ 8pF/strip".

Compared to the first shipment (old lot), you were informed by my Japanese colleague directly about the result "Average: 20.34pF/strip".

We assume that this difference could be due to the influence of the isolation layer thickness between the two layers that was changed.
In order to confirm that the difference does not come from a change in the measurement method, we intended to perform measurements on the old lot again.

But unfortunately we do not have any samples left.

Sketch for how the measurement is done:

Data from Hamamatsu


Test Structure

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