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Recall how to run

2020-07-16 by Mengqing Wu


  • eudaq2 standard event data format
  • with kpix binaries written in


online analysis code

Development Diary


  • Using StdEventMonitor:
    • Done: the converter from kpixRawEvent to eudaq2 StdEvent
    • Done: Algorithm for selecting external trigger correlated self-trigger run added on
    • ToDo with summy:
      • adding switch for online monitor to know which trigger run it is;
      • adding a flipping option to turn flipped sensor (inside each cassette there is one sensor is flipped) so the correlation plots still make sense.
      • adding pedestal subtraction algorithm for external trigger run.
    • ToDo for summy:


  • kpix has a function to send data buffer out via udp server
  • Mengqing has a code developped to use this during EUDAQ2 integration study:
  • The status is:
    • Look for what kind of plots we want to keep
    • Look for what kind of monitor system we want

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