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Basic analysis code maintaining

  • Reproduce the time difference between triggers (seen in Dieters plot) to check for the 8 bunch clock repeated structure in the sensors.

  • Verify and merge Nico's code: a 32 x 32 map of kpix bump bonds with different variables on z-axis

  • a 32 x 32 map of kpix bump bonds with different variables on z-axis → in analysis.cxx by Uwe

  • a lite version of analysis code to run over large external trigger sample (>100 000 cycles with all channel data saved)

    • partially done : ~/KPiX-Analysis/src

  • Landau Fit for signal runs:

    • 2018-08-20 <Mengqing>: under testing and looking for various cases to add this code Mengqing Wu

      • ~/KPiX-Analysis/test/Ecal_c0064_b0_k30.root was used for simple test
      • more simple such ADC distribution needs to be added for come up a piece of code.
  • ADC to fC convertion to add for signal Run:
    • for comparing from benchmark-Ecal to tracker
    • noise subtraction etc.
  • With ADC to fC + A better Landau fit to determine the signal : Maybe even from fC to e?

      • according to Uwe's calculation (mail "Re: AW: tracker locates beam + comparison to Sr90 run"): 3GeV w/2kHz should give energy loss  \mathrm{1.5\,MeV\,cm^2\,/\,g\,\times\,0.032\,\times\,2.33\,g\,/\,cm^3\,=\,111.84\,keV}

      • \mathrm{n_{eh}\,=\,E_{loss}\,/\,E_{eh},\,where\,E_{eh}\,=\,3.6\,eV\,for\,silicon;\,n\,=\,111.84\,keV\,/\,3.6\,eV\,=\,\sim\,31066\,(e).}

Refactoring and Development

  • Make Tree out of binaries, updated status below:
    • 2018-08-20 <Mengqing>: coding under ~/KPiX-Analysis/
      • include/ntupleMaker.h
      • test/ntupleMaker.cxx

Sensor Mapping

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