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System Intervention at SPB





Exchange Q3M4, Q2M4 and   test  Installation   of diagonal collision prevention switches by Magda and Max after quadrant Q3   was removed from system. Test switches with manual motor control.Close chamber  ContingencyTest system before cage   is closed

 Open back   and front flange and have a first look into the chamber    



Disassembly of cables and cageCheck HV cable   connection inside chamber  Remove and   dissassemble Q3, fix boards Q3M1 (and Q3M4) and re-assemble (Hagen). Recable quadrant before closing the chamber and test   functionality!  Re-assembly   of cables and cage 


Drilling   work in hutch









 XFEL task



  CFEL task                 


From XFEL:

  • Cage, front- and back flange removed
  • Clean room tent
  • Clean table to work at
  • Solder station
  • Possibility to re-power system when needed

From CFEL:

  • BAUMER switches and cables
  • Quadrant assembly station and tools
  • Spare FEMs
  • Spare Vacuum boards v

Meeting, 04.12.2017 at XFEL

  • Chamber can not go closer than 1m to the edge of the optical table
  • Solder station will be provided together with hot work permit
  • Space behind optical table will be cleared and table provided.
  • Support frame for cables needed. 

XFEL disassembly planning: 

Phone call between Aschkan and Luis (04.12.17, 14,:

  • Thomas will take care of support structure for cables. If help is needed, we get back to Unknown User (tennertm) from AGIPD.

Intervention steps 


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